Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I INTRODUCE TO YOU CHRIS CARRINGTON----  A real life queen of the road---someone so beautifully adapted to the mobile lifestyle that she could serve as a model to all who yearn to break free of their cocoon and fly. 

4 years ago she began her travels after a 20 year career as a health inspector for the state of Vermont.
The perfect rig for a solitary traveler--a Toyota powered Dolphin motor home that will go about anywhere.  15 MPG --very dependable---cost under $10,000---containing all the creature comforts a sensible person could desire. 
Illustrating the lightweight simplicity of her lifestyle----2 keys!  How many keys do you use?
She agrees to an in depth interview. Her good humored candor amazes me.  She is single--- debt-free---comfortably mobile----frugal--efficient in a hundred ways---computer savvy----financially comfortable---low carbon footprint----smart---sociable, with a wide network of friends---never bored--never lonely---is an atheist--- not superstitious.   I resolve to dig deeper for clues that you might find useful.
Housekeeping--- impecable----bed enough
kitchen, fridge, bath and storage enough.  Stashed somewhere is all the equipment needed for her antique business---including her current crop of antiques which she sells on e-bay, earning about $200 a month. (has tallied more than 10,000 transactions and 5000 positive feedback comments) 
Workspace and dining area.  Electronically she is well up to speed--with solar panels, inverter, phone, mifi for internet access and 2 laptops.
 Yesterday she fixed her truck (check engine light) by unlocking its computer  code.  Today I find her repairing a bike tire.
Chris at age 38----a sensual knockout---but hear me sweet readers---she's more of a knockout now for the life wisdom she embodies---says NOW is the happiest time of her life and that it keeps getting better.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:   After much digging in her history---a theory emerges---how she evolved to such a blessed state:  AN UN-NURTURING MOTHER  persuaded her very early to look elsewhere for nurture and guidance.  SHE CHOSE TO LOOK WITHIN!---and to be her own meaning and morality maker. ( Her ethics are eclectic and extremely functional.)
A second cause of her extraordinary happiness is a HABIT OF SAYING YES TO OPPORTUNITIES.
 something she learned early---by accident---a spontaneous yes---brought such rich enjoyment that she said YES and Yes again---it became a SELF ENHANCING SPIRAL UPWARD:  Yes led to rich experience and more yesses to more richness-etc. ( people who say NO habitually--- spiral downward)
There you have it dear readers---a great suggestion for reaching a blessed life: 1. SELF RELIANCE 2. SAYING YES TO OPPORTUNITIES.

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