Friday, 17 August 2012


Tell the world about our delightful circle of traveling friends.

HOW BOUT THAT? Somehow documentary film makers heard of our caravan----drove here to Lake Heron State Park, NM to interview us----one at a time---and then in cluster.

Meet Michael Tubbs (left) and Aaron----- documentary team based in Stephen F. Austin College--Texas----setting up in my Kitchen.  Terrific professional team---they asked great questions---for more than an hour---gave me the space to have my say. 

Aaron inside Laurie's rig---he's 6 ft 4 in--and it shows here. The ladies soon had a nickname for him: HUNKOLA!

They pitched their tent and stayed the night.

Laurie in her hammock---not the least bit camera shy.

And I thought they were going to move into her famous "casbah".

Laurie was thrilled when the film maker asked to use the song she wrote for my birthday 'Between The Highway and Wind' in their documentary. See the behind the scenes shooting, mis-takes and all of the filming of the song here: 

Chris being interviewed.  She has an awesome story---I hope to tell it soon--a life of adventure---And she is better adapted to the road than anyone I've met---including me.

One day during a group conference in my rig---they asked to film it.  We obliged.

Then I took them down to meet our Mystic-in-temporary-residence Wayne Wirs. ( ) who lives (appropriately enough) in the nearby boondocks
Regretably he chose not to be interviewed---a shame because he is superbly articulate about his take on life.

Laurie serenades our guest in early morning song.

And after it's all over we gather to share impressions.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience---felt that the filmmakers were fair in their inquiry.  We all look forward to its screening --perhaps early next year.  Thanks to Bob Wells for the origional contact and for championing this lifestyle. ( )

RANDY COMMENTS: I told the camera that our caravan is designed to connect a special breed of traveler we call a hero journeyer (from the Joseph Campbell book HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES). People who feel called to wander into the "unknown" in quest of  adventure, personal fulfillment and expression.( Synopsis here )While we often travel alone we suspect that temporarily connecting can do wonders for our individual experiences---such as mutual inspiration ---multiplying our information---effectiveness --etc.
I believe that we hero-journeyers can create an entirely new culture----the pattern of which could be useful to the next million heroes to take to the open road.  We believe that "knotting up"---tribalizing----coming together is a basic human urge and need.

UPDATE: IN A FEW DAYS WE WILL BE LEAVING LAKE HERON STATE PARK AND MAKING OUR WAY TO EAGLES NEST STATE PARK, NM.  All who are interested in our venture are welcome to visit us there. 

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