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 that his friends played.  When he left his principality in quest of  spiritual answers----it was a band of monks already living in the forest that befriended him and no doubt brought him up to speed about the essential questions: the nature of existence and how best to navigate in it.  Eventually he received a lightning bolt of an answer (the 4 noble truths) and hurried back to share it with his friends.  They accepted the new insights and worked with Buddha to make his message GO VIRAL.  It spread around the world and blesses all who receive it to this day.

I AM NOT ENLIGHTENED-----HAVE NOT BEEN STRUCK BY A THUNDERBOLT OF INSIGHT but I take as my mission to call together  for a time --personalities who are on a "HERO'S JOURNEY" --"forest dwelling friends"--if you will --to collectively discover THE MIDDLE WAY OF RELATING WITH THE WORLD  (balancing solitude and society)

 My conviction is that everyone on a hero's journey has lightning bolt truth within them---and that it emerges in bits and chunks in the normal course of living.  I intend to gather up this wisdom---organize it and hand it to the world. (as I did with the Oracle:  )

 My second conviction is that  Hero journeyers---engaging each other---in a conducive environment ---TRANSFORM --into super hero journeyers---(much as ordinary grasshoppers who engage in clustering-- transform into super-grasshoppers---bigger/stronger/bolder) (or as rocks in a tumbler polish each other)

I am learning how to bring Hero Journeyers together and how to facilitate their engagement---from the Heroes themselves.

Here's a brief pictoral update of our doings.
We are settled on beatiful Lake Heron, NM
We go on occasional expeditions---this day to a spanish village church for it annual festival. An interesting experience to see the local folk bond in doctrine and ritual---celebrate in song.  I thought how wonderful this would be----the bonding---ritual and all---IF WE COULD JUST LEAVE OFF THE DOCTRINES.  They are unnecessary---unprovable---divide humanity. Can you see Laurie boldly participating--(she always does) and privately 'honing' it to fit her own philosophy. 

Afterwards the villagers march in solumn procession.
to the fiesta site. Lots of fun--great dancing.

One day we decide to settle an important issue: Are Oreo cookies better than their Wal-Mart imitation---Great value brand.  The bets are made and Ginger agrees to administer a blind taste test to three of us. I'm betting you can't taste the difference---and GV is $1 cheaper.

Mark goes first ---eyes closed---is this tidbit--the real thing or not?

Turns out you can tell the difference---And the winner is: Laurie of course.

One day I took my friends to the legendary Lito's Ballroom to see the  Shoes of mystery---(for some photos and my take on the place click here): I've commented previously about Ginger's fascination with abandoned shoes--photographs them for an upcoming book.  In reality I have no idea why these hundred or so shoes are piled here---Is it related to the collapse of the building? Anybody out there know?
Laurie seized the opportunity to create a youtube video of  her singing a song
 in the ballroom cleverly entitled Standing room only. 
Saturday's from 1 to 4 pm musicians entertain patrons of the Three Ravens Coffee house.
Meet our newest friend Chris---who explored the countryside around Tierra Amarillo one day--treating me to a senior citizen lunch.  She has led an astonishing --adventurous life that she has allowed me to share with you on another occasion.

On my birthday--my friends throw a party for me---This is Ginger---ever-resplendent--bringing goodies.

Center is a new friend Libby--camp host--Texas gal.  On the left is Jim Jaillette, blogger and author--fellow caravaner.  Then singer/songwriter, Laurie---Then Guru/blogger/author Wayne wirs--then Ginger.  Almost hidden is Mark---captain of the magnificent Blue Bird motor home You've seen.  Then Chris our newest friend.  At Jim's suggestion---everyone told the first time they met me.
And wouldn't you know it---Laurie wrote me a song: "Between the Highway and the Wind"
ginger laughing randy crystal best.JPG
Ginger made this lovely rainbow pendant for me.
This is Wayne Wirs--clean shaven---Blogger extraordinaire--a real American Sadhu--who drops by occasionally---always delightful--at peace with the world and its maker.  I've challenged myself on occasion to summarize his views.  Better yet check him out for yourself.  His latest work is---surprisingly---a diet book---with a--spiritual slant that I'm finding to be painless and effective.  Here he is 30 pounds lighter than when I last saw him.  Says he may drop 30 more.

It says:
If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy.
If it weremerely challenging, that would be no problem'

But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world
and a desire to enjoy the world.
That makes it hard to plan the day.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I know what he means---Trying to improve the world requires creative thinking and writing and acting.  I make an effort because  I'm not satisfied to merely amuse myself---I bet you aren't either.  The people I know who are on a Hero's Journey --care about the well being of the world and search for a way to make a difference for the better.  Our caravan has a fairly modest goal (in my opinion) that we hope will go viral: We want people on a Hero's journey to freely connect and share their being and their views and experiences with other Journeyers.  An empowering protocol for these path crossings is what we are working on.  

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