Thursday, 2 August 2012



WE THE MOBILE MILLION living lives of abundant simplicity-- know how to liberate millions from needless drudgery, ease stress, increase happiness, simplify life, open up a million new jobs, improve health, diminish fears and consumption, stimulate wonder, activate creativity, connect with supportive friends.

Marshal your wits / resources and take to the open road! JOIN US!
We are already out here---a million strong---waiting to welcome you.

We live marvelous lives at an amazingly small cost-----you can too---we will guide you.

We have disconnected from the electrical grid---but not from the electronic. We are powered by the sun

We are learning new forms of friendship----to connect without confining---to inspire without interfering.

We claim the continent in our travels--"enjoying the land but owning it not"----"letting the night overtake us everywhere at home". (Thoreau)

Millions of you already have enough money and do not know it---you are working out of habit/false fears/conventionality / greed / materialism / ignorance.  You can (currently) strike out on your journey for $500 a month or less.  "Time is the currency of life" (Laurie Theodora)  and you may be wasting it.

Early and long freedom is the appropriate fruit / gift of the industrial revolution.   Pluck--eat--it is delicious.

You want to go on a hero's journey. (perhaps everyone does---: " HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES" by Joseph Campbell)  You yearn for simplicity, mobility, adventure, connection, self discovery / self expression.

You cannot know your own wonder until you wander.

You will likely reinvent / revise-- your religion / metaphysics / philosophy--- in your travels.

In your travels you will come to know yourself ----seeing yourself reflected in all that you meet.

"All you ever wanted to do was contribute" (Erhard)----and you will find valuable clues in your travels about what you wish to give.

You will learn to easily / gracefully ----connect and disconnect.

You will grow --amazingly---as you absorb traits that you admire in others.

You will face "demons" and "dragons" ---endure dark nights of the soul---be lonely at times----and somehow----triumph---learning something valuable.

And Then--when you feel the urge--- you will return and share with those you left behind what you have learned.

And the cycle will be complete.

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