Wednesday, 12 September 2012


They stormed our embassy---killed our people---the crazy Islamic fanatics in Libya.  A very great evil.
Millions will deplore their action---and--(verbally) hack away at this BRANCH of evil that grew out of the tree of Islam.  Very few, however,  will hack away at the ROOT of the evil:  ISLAM itself.  But that is exactly what I wish to do.

A billion or so people believe that God sent an angel to dictate the Koran to Mohammed.
A billon or so people, therefore, believe it to be the infallible word of God.
A billion or so people are thereby captured by its 7th century ethics and vision of the world.
They wish to convert us all.  They wish to impose theocratic government everywhere---supress women--kill homosexuals---install sharia law---and God knows what else.

DO YOU SEE THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM?  BELIEF IN THE KORAN. (believing that God sends messages)  Let us hack away at THAT  root---quit believing that God sends messages. (Believe---if you must---that there is a God----just quit believing in MESSAGES from God--Inspired authoritative books--and your personal religion will not likely turn crazy.)

Muslims---like Christians, Mormons, Jews, Hindus---INDOCTRINATE their children---and children are programed to believe their parents--- that is how religions persist.
Some people, however, (as high as 20 % in the US) seriously question their indoctrination and CAST OFF their indoctrination or modify it.

People who seriously question their indoctrination often discover a daunting truth:  THERE IS NO (written) ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  That existence is a mystery and the best we can do is TEMPORIZE with THEORIES. They then live life with a more open mind---hopefully tweaking their personal theories as new insights come.  Serious questioners are  heroes-- hacking at the roots of evil---(BELIEF WITHOUT EVIDENCE.) These golden people develop what no Muslim on earth has---A TOLERANCE FOR AMBIGUITY.  

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