Tuesday, 14 June 2011


1. We need him. He is the best congressional spokesman for the sensible single payer health care system. He has the cajones (pun intended) to stand up to the greedy health care moguls who are bankrupting the nation and call for a sensible comprehensive system--like Australia and other civlized countries.

2. He has injured no one (except possibly his wife) and has broken no laws. (a frank conversation with an intelligent --open-minded partner--would likely clear the matter up quickly)

3. What he's done is not perverted or wierd. He is seeking sexual gratification electronically---a new and wonderfully diverse addition to the sensual spectrum.

4. This is a seminal moment for America to move beyond its hipocritical naivete about male sexual wiring. Consider this fragment from one of my longer poems entitled WHAT EVERY MARTIAN NEEDS TO KNOW:

Men---like mighty studs and stallions
Have an inborn driving need
to charm a lot of maidens
and scatter lots of seeds.

But these ladies here from Venus
have a different agenda.
They only want a single mate
and a cozy hacienda.

So love and sex are apples and oranges
to us Martian males,
but women won't have them separately;
they insist on fruit coctail.

Nature has thrown us a cross-purpose curve;
the solution's still in doubt.
Couple's must find a way to work
this contradiction out.

5. And Modern--intelligent couples are doing just that: finding a way to work the contradiction out. Hillary Clinton is seemingly at peace with Bill's nature. It is not unthinkable that Mrs Weiner could come to terms with Anthony's little hobby.

6. A really bright female that I consulted this afternoon offered this insight: We don't really know the true nature of unfettered, unscripted female sexuality. Once freed of irrational social custom, the two sexes may find that their sex drives are ballpark-compatable.
She added: Custom constriction causes unmet needs---which cause apetite distortions---like promiscuity, perversion and prudishness.

7. Weiner's photos and e-mails are not out of the ballpark. I suspect that none of the people nagging him to resign could withstand sudden exposure of their predilections. Really wonderful people have had sexual tastes contrary to the conventional norm----Benjamin Franklin---Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Leonardo Da Vinci and a thousand others you admire.

8. What we need is to stop damaging our childrens natural impulses by unreasonable social
custom and shame. Unmet needs and raging frustration have headline-making consequences.

9. Early polling suggest that the majority of his constituents do not want him to resign. I'm hoping he rides this out---like Barney Frank did and even David Vitter from Louisiana.

10. I dare any woman in America to learn how the reindeer herds in Lapland were made tame (hint: they consistently killed off the feisty ones)----and to ask themselves if they really want tame leadership. Smart women will work with us to remove the shame---diminish the need to lie and preserve the glory of feisty "REINDEER".

Thanks for listening---wanted to get this off my chest.

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