Tuesday, 21 June 2011


"TIME IS THE STREAM I GO FISHING IN" (THOREAU)----"TIME IS NOT MONEY---TIME IS EVERYTHING" (PAUL STYLES)Per some readers' requests---- Here's a couple of my days compressed. From the Lone Butte casino parking lot where I slept, parked among 15 others--I wake--make coffee (decaf), recruit a walking companion. We will walk the reservation fields. This spot is exactly where Phoenix ends and Indian land begins. To the left is a freeway.

Was glad to learn that this is reclaimed water put to good use. Briefly engaged the farmer who was very proud of his crop---a tad defensive of reservation land--but we charmed him with our listening skills.

Hay bales fascinate me---I've always wanted to stack myself a house and live cozily inside with the aroma. Once near El Centro, Ca I saw a guy do just that. These bales weigh 500 lbs each--alfafa.

Luke digs like mad for the rabbit--but he's wasting his time.

A Series of abandoned buildings to investigate. I love piecing together the story from the debris.

Back at the parking lot I notice this----Am I in the mood to engage a believer?--(one of my hobbies) welllll----yes. Here goes---

An hour later---we have "done the dance" ----a familiar whirl for me---but for this nice man from Holland ---a first. Most believers of whatever stripe rarely get to confront the "enemy"----a reverse missionary---someone trying to better the world by diminishing belief in religion. I offered those two books: LETTER TO A CHRISTIAN NATION and THE END OF FAITH--both by Sam Harris--for his consideration. To my surprise he took the former and read it overnight.

Next morning I think I detected a thoughtful soberness. I have no qualms about delivering the message of healthy doubt and skepticism to believers. (I believe everyone should question his indoctrination) Wanna know how I confront believers? click on this:

The genteman and his wife---nice people. We parted on a friendly note. Not always possible when "doing my work".

In the afternoon we took a short drive to witness this. The real thing still rolling.

Saw this on a shopping trip--Of course I had to stop and challenge them.

Turns out they are Catholics on a crusade. They are picketing a planned parenthood clinic---opposed to BIRTH CONTROL as well as ABORTION. Wow---do I need to say more about the damage that religion causes. Some of you may remember when I got serious into the face of these "believers":


Chatted briefly with this guy--long enough to remind him of the harm of an overpopulated world and unwanted babies. (It was as useless as urinating on a turtle)

It was hot---3 of us "saddled up" and headed for the cool mountains. Ahead are the infamous Superstitions.

We stop to experience an abandoned tunnel---wonderfully cool inside.

Beyond the old mining town of Superior, Az we arrive at the terrific campground of Oak flats---5000 ft elevation ---16 degrees cooler than Phoenix.

I wander around--meeting my neighbors---this couple from Canada. Their rig is unique--- home- built on the body of a minivan. (17 mpg) lovely inside.

I sense a story here!

Sure enough---I've met another vagabond poet. Has written hundreds of poems. Shared a few with me. Has wife and kids but gets away occasionally for solitary travel and inspiration.

He sleeps here. Stashes his stuff in cardboard boxes. A poignant reminder of the appeal of the open road experience----people will make do with scant accomodations to be "out here" adventuring.
POSTSCRIPT: Hopefully this will give you some idea of my unpredictable days. I stayed a few days in this campground with my friends, then detached to do some solitary wandering. Will pick up on that story next. I've not forgotten my promised essays on How I got to be this way and my guess at the meaning of life. They are simmering in my brain.

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