Sunday, 12 June 2011


Three readers of my last post have asked that I detail my living expenses for a month----because 4 to 600 dollars a month seems ridiculously cheap. So --OK--here goes---as best I can calculate.
Satellite TV programming----------------------27.00
Satellite radio-------------------------------13.00
Cell Phone-----------------------------------25.00
Park camping pass (amortized)----------17.00


I'm fortunate that I don't have to live this frugally---It's just that I can---while enjoying most of the amenities of modern life. I'm also fortunate not to have medical cost: (VA)

The lesson I hope these numbers impart is that it is now possible for millions to live the fantasy life. That millions are needlessly working-----they have enough money now---and don't realize it.
I also hope these numbers prove that it is the cost of HOUSING that is impoverishing America.
(here's my rant on that subject written years ago

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Across America, I see BUTTERFLY SOULS-- fully morphed, wings spread, capable of flight----feeling the call of open skies----YET STUCK---in houses, jobs, conventionality, fear, dead relationships, old habits, crazy religion! I say to you all: "Come--travel with me---however sweet these laid up stores, however convenient this dwelling---We cannot remain here. However calm these waters, however secure this harbor---we must not anchor here. Together, the inducements shall seem greater---We shall sail wild and pathless seas---We will go where the winds blow, waves dash---and the Yankee Clipper speeds by under full sail.
Forward---after the great companions---and to belong to them---they too are ON THE ROAD. Onward---to that which is endless---as it was beginningless. To undergo much--tramps of days and rests of nights. To see nothing anywhere, but what you can reach it--and pass it. To look up or down no road--but it stretches and waits for you. To know the universe itself as a road---as many roads---as roads for TRAVELING SOULS." (Walt Whitman)

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