Wednesday, 8 June 2011


When citizens come to their senses---literally---we will begin to live like this:
1. The burden of food, clothing, shelter will be reduced to insignificance.
2. We will have all the free time we want;
3. All the adventure we can generate;
4. All the companionship we can attract;
5. Enjoy the weather we prefer almost all the time;
6. Live ridiculously cheap;
7. Move to new and interesting places whenever we choose;
8. Enjoy the full range of electronic connectedness;
9. Powering our lifestyle with the sun;
10. Free from most of the tedious distractions to discovering WHO WE REALLY ARE--WHAT WE WANT AND WHAT WE WISH TO SHARE WITH OTHERS.

Thousands already enjoy such a lifestyle and you probably can too. Here's how:
a. Arrange for an income stream of at least $600 a month. (some do it on $400)
b. Buy or build some kind of mobile domicile. (At a minimum, your car and a tent will suffice. A trailer or motor home is super luxurious)
c. Purchase a New Mexico parks pass ($225 per year) and enjoy any or all of 31 lovely campgrounds---scattered statewide---with amenities such as hot showers etc. (google New Mexico State Parks pass for details)

I found some of those thousands here at my first stop---City of Rocks State Park between Deming and Silver City.

Settling in among the stonehenge-like rocks for 10 days.

Trails everywhere---

And then one day I had a visitor:

Meet Glenn---Musician, Philosopher, Adventurer and fellow blogger. This is one terrific guy--If ever I were to envy anyone--it would be him. Check out his blog:

And then a phlock of Philosopher/Adventurer friends joined me for several hours of wonderful conversation. I believe everyone really wants to engage in- depth on meaningful subjects. Most have simply never tried. What we talk about is WHAT IS THE GOOD LIFE and how to achieve it.

And when they left -- Lucas came to visit me. My cup runneth over!

Then---moving on to Caballo state Park---settling alongside Caballo lake.

Then to this strange place----White Sands National Monument. That's pure white gypsum you're seeing--not conventional sand. Lucas came along---loved playing in the sand.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: New Mexico is leading the way for other states with its park pass system and in so doing is facilitating a new lifestyle. Slowly, slowly, it is dawning on folks that what they really want is sufficiency, freedom, simplicity and society----and all that---can be had for a pittance.

Slowly, slowly people are understanding that a house is a trap----a life squeezing, immobilizing trap that cost too much time and money. At our core, we are spiritual beings and nothing material CAN satisfy us. The "good stuff" and the good life are intangibles: a free and inquiring mind, the affection of others, learning, sharing, experiencing.

Myself and my fellow travelers are living proof that you need not live immobilized, in debt or in drudgery.

"Come---travel with us--together the inducements shall seem greater" (Whitman)

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