Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I LEFT MY COMPANIONS AT OAK FLATS TO TRAVEL ALONE FOR AWHILE----An amazing experience to be adrift alone in the world---without destination. If I wished, I could go to Alaska----or Mexico. I feel a pang of emptiness as I leave but I've done this enough to know some good reasons for doing so: To reacquaint myself with serendippity ---garner new experiences---challenge my courage---look into myself---embrace responsibility---wake up creativity. Thoreau understood: "a reason to get together is to share experiences----a reason to separate is to get some new experiences to share." On a whim, I decide to visit the old mining town of Miami, Az---a shell of its former bustling self--abandoned by all but the elderly and the visionless. A shrinking town is like a sinking ship---best to abandon it. I've seen lots of them---Modina, Utah (wrote a poem about that one)---Helper, Utah---Vaughn, New Mexico----Corona, NM.

Look what I found in an alley--a classic RV---an ULTRAVAN--a miracle for its day--weighed only 3000 pounds--powered by a corvair engine--aircraft construction-had no frame-manufactured in Witchita, Kansas--got 20 mpg. There are about 50 of them left.

I know all this because I almost bought one. Something like this is the future of RV ing.

Some are trying to reinvent the town as an antique mecca.

like this guy selling Indian artifacts.

I travel on---settling at a casino outside Globe, Az----So happy for the emptiness that I stayed two days savoring it.

A "posse" of Porsches? Rolled in for the night---turns out they do this periodically to celebrate their cars and themselves for owning so fine a vehicle.

Walked around an RV park----these folks paid money to plug in to electricity. If you find yourself yearning for an RV like this---better re consider---they are a major pain in the ass---they in fact own their owners---are horrifically expensive to own and maintain. I have a friend with one this size---he is selling it and building himself a small cargo trailer to camp in.

Walked the area a bit---enjoying the sunset--

I noticed this as darkness fell---will investigate tomorrow.

Aaahhh yes---Geronimo, I presume. Beautifully done statue.

I moved on to Safford, Az---changed oil--stayed 2 nights at Walmart---walked the town--got hot---checked the map for an accessible mountain. I need to get UP to get cool. Luckily, just outside town is Mt Graham---11,000 ft--and a road up it.

I drive up, up, up, till I feel cool---and settle in---at about 7000 ft elevation. Find a great place to park---even have internet service here. This fine road and the trails and campgrounds furnished courtesy the CCC in the 1930's.

And it's free---can you believe it?

I settle in for the better part of a week---hiking and just sitting with my feet in a cool mountain stream

One day folks came with two horses and two mules--stayed the night--rode the trails and drove away next day

Another day I detached and drove further up. There are houses and people up here.

And heroes----this guy rode up 9000 ft to this point and was on his way to the top. I stand in awe of great bicyclist.

Hot down there in the valley.----chilly here. Air cools about 4 degrees per 1000 feet you climb. I've wondered if an insulated pipeline could draw this cool air down to the city and cool a large portion of it--naturally.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I URGE EVERYONE TO LIVE THE LIFE THEY HAVE IMAGINED! ( Thoreau) I believe it is the best way to be content--and ironically to contribute.

(and "all you ever wanted to do was contribute"---Werner Erhard )

I think I'm ready to share my take on the Meaning of Life.

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