Thursday, 10 January 2013


"HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES" ---A CLASSIC BOOK BY JOSEPH CAMPBELL---says that every culture in the world has in its folklore one story in common---the story of a hero's journey.  With these components: a restless person---leaves his people ---wanders into the unknown----encounters difficulties----overcomes them----learns something useful----returns to his people---shares what he has learned.

Well then:  Meet Tim Lawson---a hero on a hero's journey.  I met him on this backroad near Yuma Arizona.  He has walked 1800 miles to this point and has 8000 miles to go.
He aims to take the long backroads route to Florida---then north to Maine and across the top of the United States to Portland.  He has about a hundred pounds of gear in that 3 wheeled baby carriage---clothing, food, water, bedding, shelter, books, computer, etc
---walks about 28 miles a day----said he didn't like his job---fantasized doing this----then---did it!  That's a hero by Cambell's definition.  He has a facebook account and is willing to answer your questions about his adventure.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: My friend CB asked challenging questions:  Is he really a hero?   Granted he is living lean--- is courageous---adaptive---harmless. But how is he serving others? Is he productive? Is he living sustainably?  I say he is an INSPIRATION.  That may be be the highest service. 

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