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IN YOUR HEART---DONTCHA WANNA BE ONE?   The Quest for Community Caravan rolls into Quartzsite, Az  to attend the 3rd annual Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.

I Arrived at Sundown---1/8/13---day one
 Each finds his special place.  "Lone eagles" choose their parking space carefully--usually scattering like this. That's Laurie and Tish on the left---CB snuggled up to that lovely saguaro cactus---Jeanne's rig is on the right. I'm parked some distance behind her.
 Here in the draw near Laurie is our new friend Joyce who drove more than a thousand miles to be here.
 And on the left is Sloan, who just flew in from Chile.  You already know CB--from Georgia.
A surprise visitor is Joyce--the aviatrix who flew Laurie and I over the area last year.
She is also the famous "bird Whisperer" ---see her in action: http://mobilecodgers.blogspot.com/2010/08/real-live-bird-whisperer.html
She is quizzing Keith --a Lone eagle from Marathon Fla---He's equally comfortable as an RVer and a sailor.
 Meet Ron--again--He is the Renaissance man I blogged about some time ago-- ( http://mobilecodgers.blogspot.com/2010/12/meet-renaissance-man.html )
--- showing off his latest creation: a mini trailer capable of being towed by a mini car. (that's a 3 cyllinder Geo he pulling it with)
Every day at 10 am the eagles gathered for a seminar related to our lifestyle: (e.g. how to establish residency in the state of your choice----Solar power---tips on frugal living---collective wisdom demonstrated----inexpensive dental, eye care and medicine in Mexico----workcamping----favorite gadgets---car maintainance---Earning income as a mystery shopper---stealth parking in the city, boondocking on public land----cooking tips.)
 Our host and leader--Bob Wells--Perhaps the most knowlegable man in the world on efficient living.  Author of an (inexpensive) on line book that can liberate almost anyone who wants to be free.   Learn more about him here: http://cheaprvliving.com/
 Laurie sharing her cooking tips.  Others told us how to cook in a thermos---In a solar oven---bake on a stove top etc.

 Laurie teaches a specialty seminar on the new smart phones.
 Interesting how the folks scatter themselves on the desert---much different from conventional rvers. (I Loved our mountain backdrop.)
 One day Laurie and I led a seminar on community building and on collective wisdom. 
In my trailer we had a session of "tea and topic".
 A social gathering of friends---my most guest ever---6. 
 CB threw a party---with purpose---gathering a special set of people.
Fireside fellowship most nights. Here, Laurie leads us in song.
 Of course we  enjoyed the doings in Quartzsite also.  Joyce poses in front of Hi Jolly's tomb---the most visited grave in Arizona.  Interesting that a Camel wrangler from the 19th century should command more attention than all it's govenors and outlaws. (I can't resist telling you that Joyce's brother is one of  America's most respected and beloved sports figures) 
One day our group visited the Women on the Fly---a club of spunky women who camp and fish together---they renovate old travel trailers and decorate them in interesting ways---like this.
 Meet Dori--a bold eagle from Michigan---being serenaded in a local restaurant.
Meet Tish--a caravan member living in a pop-up camper--she had a special difficulty raising it up after we installed solar power.  Fortunately, two clever guys solved the problem for her. 
Meet Andrew---a soon-to-be-famous photographer----drove here from Seattle to photograph  mobile personalities---for his book. 
Meet Brad---Philosopher from San Diego.  We had a great exchange---focusing on the question: what are you about? 
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  This was indeed a gathering of Eagles---lone eagles from the corners of America--assembled for comraderie and information exchange.
We know what everyone needs to know: That frugality, simplicity, ingeneuity can set you free.  We are houseless--but not homeless. We prove with the lightness of our being that low-road mobile living is not vagabondage----rather it is exquisite freedom.  
CARAVAN INVITATION: Our next stop will be in the Yuma, Az area. Feel free to visit us.  Who knows---you might get infected with the wanderlust.  E-mail me and I will tell you where we are camped: randythepoet@yahoo.com  

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