Tuesday, 1 January 2013


 The holiday season  finds me at this lovely casino in Tucson.
My friends and I will settle here for the holidays. That's Tish to my left, Laurie to my right and the whopper rig on the left is longtime friend Bill.
And then another friend comes in----remember our new friend Malinda from City of Rocks, State Park.
We take a walk and discover a tumbleweed---symbol of our lifestyle. 
 Who could not be happy with these lovely acres as our front yard.
 Malinda and I reinforce her trailer with bolted timbers.
Bill unloads his mighty steed for a day trip. 
One day Laurie serenades me with her new guitar. 
 Another day she sets up a sound system in the parking lot and practices for her upcoming gig.
 Sometimes stepping up to the plate of your life requires stepping up to the mike.
  En route to give an early morning concert. 
Laurie in action--entertaining and leading a church full of people in a songfest.  Amazingly, wherever we go, Laurie shares her gift of song with the community at large.  This day she's booked to give 3 "ONLY LOVE" concerts at 3 different spiritual centers in Tucson.
One major goal here is to bring Tish's rig UP-TO-SPEED---meaning boondocking ready:  Installing a solar panel and controller and inverter---also a new stove and heater--and some led lights.  We succeed and she is very happy.  
 One day, this stranger calls my name--said he reads my blog. (always a pleasant surprise)  Meet Alex and Helen--Canadians.
 Alex has a great hobby:  He flies this model heliocopter-- equipped with a camera--over interesting places---then post the results on the web.
 Of course I continue my "character quest" searching out interesting individuals.  This one I met in Wal-Mart and asked for a photo.  He took me to a semi-secluded spot and bared his chest.  These are his two kids!! Is that love?  Yes it is!
I ended the year dancing with Laurie---caught this shot of her twisting the night away.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  DO YOU NEED A BASE TO LIVE THE GOOD LIFE??  ---Or can we now just keep moving from one great camping spot like this to another.  I'm betting (a big chunk of my life) that you can----just keep moving---every month or so from one "HOME" to another----settling (temporarily) in---making friends, busying yourself with your personal passions---exploring--learning--connecting---contributing---AND THEN-----AND THEN---MOVING ON TO A NEW HOME---A NEW WEATHER---A NEW SCENE---A NEW CHALLENGE.
The whole human race was once mobile----and tribal.  I predict it will become so again. 

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