Wednesday, 28 July 2010


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT RITZY CITIES?---Like Palm Springs, Telluride, Aspen, Park City, Malibu? I have ambivalent feelings--They're pretty---but I always feel like an alien in them---a bit contemptous of its citizens--thinking of them like Dr. Seuss's snooty star-bellied sneeches. I guess I resent clustered wealth---like the N.Y. Hamptons---Tiburon in S.F. Nicole, however, loves this town---having once lived here. She navigates our rig to its very heart---and there we find a camping place---if we dare to use it---and we do--for two days--can you see it?---parked just a block from the chair lift and 4 blocks fron the center of town. Turns out--no one objected. I taped deflector notes on its door that explained our presence. I'll show you several of them in a future blog.
The famous antler arches---all neatly bolted together---one arch on each corner of the square.

Impressive things--that occasionally have to be redone. Do antlers decay?

Statues and art galleries by the dozen. Free for the looking---what's not to love? One high dollar shop named Nature's Art sells fossils. A dinosaur skull was priced at $250,000.

We took the chairlift to the top of the mountain.

Nice view---of the Tetons.

And the city below.----funny story: On a late night walk together, we got separated by a fluke of circumstance and shadows. I got concerned enough to call the cops after 30 minutes . A city wide alert went out for a tall, beautiful lady.---They found her--walking "home" she wasn't lost.

Nicole, without her costco card--testing my theory that ladies get special service---don't need a card. SURE ENOUGH the guy bent the rule and filled us up with cheaper gas. (I stayed out of the way to give the process full effect)
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: It's hypocritical of me to resent clustered wealth---when I live in America---the world's foremost example of clustered wealth---and I certainly support the idea of "gated nations"; protecting the comforts we have created for ourselves from dilution by hordes of illegal immigrants who want to come share the good life. The axial question is this: Which is a better world--one where all our well being is LINKED or UNLINKED. ARE WE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER--OR NOT. And if so--exactly how? Needs more thought!

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