Sunday, 25 July 2010


Found myself stalled here in this vacant lot in Rawlings, Wyoming----asking myself---what next?
I'm ready for some company-----invited a friend from Chicago to come travel with me awhile----she considered---then said: "where are you?" ---I gave the exit #-----She consulted her sources then said-----"stay right there---I'll be there in about 48 hours"!
Sure enough---a giant truck rolled up and she dismounted with her backpack. Meet Nicole---friend and fellow adventurer you've seen on a previous blog--a remarkable lady I compare with Thoreau because, like him , she declines conventional careerism---choosing instead a livelihood that allows a large margin to her life. She reads avidly, thinks deeply, adventures widely----once traveling to the heart of Brazil on an esoteric quest. She speaks her mind boldly---a joy to communicate with. My intent is to Waltz with her (all human interaction is a kind of dance) across the landscape, enjoying the moments and reflecting from time to time on the process.
Our first night, July 4th, we remained in Rawlings and watched the fireworks from our window. Next day we traveled to Eden Reservoir and camped here.
Remote as it is--we have internet access. Thanks to my wonderful verizon air card.
A decent meal---rare for me.
Let me be clear---we are friends--not lovers. (she has a mate) I engineered this bed for her---sufficient for her nearly 6 ft frame.
Noted this sign nearby----want an oil well cheap?
And this one---what does it mean? Anyone out there know?
Hwy 191 toward Pinedale---that's the Wind River mountain range ahead.
Pinedale--home of the Mountain Man Museum---and festival---proud of itself on several counts.
Not least for this statue---officials in the tourist bureau assured me this is really what they looked like. The title says WORKING THE LINE.
I'll continue the story, perhaps tomorrow, of our adventures in the mountains and Jackson Hole.

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