Friday, 12 June 2009


I hope to prove that drama is all around us.
I woke yesterday to find an eerie face peering at me from the front seat of this vintage camper. I waited---sensing a good story.
The guy comes out---I engage---inquire--he gets the dog out for me. Look carefully at it. Do you notice anything pulling at your mind? I did.

Look again! Can you guess its secret? Something is very different about this dog. It is half coyote and it is a SUPER DOG, the offspring of a female pet impregnated by a wild coyote. I remembered a sheep rancher telling me that in sheep country stray dogs are shot on sight because when a mating occurs with a coyote, the offspring are super coyotes, smarter, bolder, more dangerous. The owner told me enough tales about this dog, its clever clever ways, incredible alertness and stamina, to convince me that the THEORY OF HYBRID VIGOR is true. In summary it says that the offspring of matings between members of genetically distinct populations is more vigorus than either parent. Google this theory if you're curious to know more. Its official name is HETEROSIS, and scientist have long known about it. The current thinking is that a healthy stirring of genes is the cause. Almost all corn in America is hybridized--for this reason. AND IT WORKS WITH HUMANS TOO. I believe it explains why the National Basketball Association is so predominately black. Gene mixing has produced better physical specimens. How long since we had a white world heavyweight champion?
Do you see the ironic drama here? Hitler and the race purity people were dead wrong. MIXING
DOES NOT DEGRADE, IT INVIGORATES . Cultures that inbreed heavily create genetic downsides. Read about studies done among the Amish. This discovery should end racism. And P.S. Y'all can thank us southerners for the gene stirring---I tried to do my part.

The second drama involved the owner. Notice his countenance. The story deserves its own blog however so I'll save it for later.

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