Sunday, 14 June 2009


MAN NEEDS PEP TALK. Having already discussed this superdog in part one, I now focus on its owner. Notice his countenance. Even in this picture you can see that he (lets call him Art) is miserable. I listened----understood---( he feels lonesome, inept, meaningless, adrift)---and when he was talked out----told him exactly what he needed to hear:

1. That living on the road takes some getting used to. ("do it 6 weeks and it will become a lifestyle" Kerouac)

2. Once mastered, it is ecstatic and even addictive.

3. Experience is accelerated, perspectives broadened, senses heightened, emotions deepened.
....."With relaxed intent we slice through events
Like the edge of a fast moving knife;
So we "road pioneers" live three hundred years
In the span of a single life."......

4. A million full-time RVers are now "on the road". Most are friendly, helpful.

5. And millions of free camping places are waiting to be enjoyed.

6. 100,000 of us gather at Quartzsite, Az each Jan and Feb for a grand festival.

7. THE SLABS near Niland, Ca is open to all----the only permanent free campground in America

8. Solar Panels and deep cycle batteries can power our lifestyle--TV, radio, lights, power tools.

9. Water, trash cans, dump stations, mail forwarding services and propane dispensers are everywhere and cheap.

10. New electronic gadgets (phone and internet devices) connect us to the whole world.

11. $400 a month (carefully spent) will sustain the mobile lifestyle.

12 Delorme detailed maps show the free camping areas.

13. RV organizations like the WINs, Escapees and LOWs connect us full timers so that we never need be lonely or friendless.


When I finished---tears appeared and he said: "God sent you to me."
I replied: " I felt the same way when a very nice fellow told this to me. Pass it on Art."

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