Friday, 25 July 2008



Here are photos of the rigs that surround me. The people in them constitute an accidental, temporary community; the kind that full time rvers experience often. We have much in common and generally bond easily. Beyond needing the social fix, we are eager to learn new tricks of the trade from each other. Pictured is yesterday's watermelon party with Ed, Paul,Bob, Ron and myself.

Consider the savings represented by the 12 rigs here: Camping fees @ $10 a night =$120 a day and utility savings @$5 a day = $60 minimum. This amounts to $180 a day, $5,400 a month or $64,800 a year. We each save on average $5,400 a year. This kind of frugality just might catch on as the national financial meltdown affects more and more people.

Consider also that we are now as electronically connected to the wider world as any city dweller yet are pleasantly removed from the city's stress and noise. I count my blessings!

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