Thursday, 17 July 2008



She was gorgeous! I asked her out. As we sat for coffee I asked about her plans. She replied: “People who fill up their dance card take away their options; and often don’t recognize their own hand in having done so. Wow! I extracted pen and paper and wrote that down. I know wisdom and poetry when I hear it.

She graced me with her presence for the next month or so and I continued writing down her words, though she sometimes made fun of my efforts to catch truth with words.

I had stumbled across an oracle, a source of wisdom arising unpredictably from a mysterious and mercurial personality.
There may be only a handful of oracles in the world and here I am temporary companion to one. Read on and I will prove the truth of what I say.

Oracles are made, not born. They are people who somehow rise, scarred, but undefeated from great psychological turmoil. They assemble a personality from emotional scraps found in a disfunctional family. Not surprisingly, they behave oddly at times and are fragile. Ordinary life events sometimes throw them. They discount their special powers and struggle to be normal. They are a classic case of one who knows and knows not that they know. (classical advice: They are asleep---wake them)

The silver lining to such a background is extraordinary survival skills, unusual insights and just occasionally a “grand vision” about life.

This my oracle has but is unable to give comprehensive voice to. Instead, it burps out now and again in golden aphorisms like these:

Journey mind is being awake to the fact that I’m at the helm at the center of my life. What everyone wants is a journey worth taking, a journey without a destination. We want to participate, to contribute, to be used up.

Desiring a specific outcome dilutes effectiveness.

Our path consist of this moment, these circumstances, and the choices we make. Journey is what we see when we look back.

Movement is stimulated by putting something on our horizon, and requires stamina, support and constant revision.

Living to get what we want causes us to live always with a sense of deficiency. A better choice is to explore how to be adequate to the challenge of this moment.

Everyone needs to create for themselves a buffer zone, a shield against intrusiveness so that we get to have all our thoughts and feelings.

Seeking to be right is a paint-by-numbers approach to life.

Problem lives are misapplied talents. Reacting to pain is what causes addictions, it’s an inability to be with our emotions.

We have nothing to give till we take care of ourselves.

Help that works is throwing a lifeline, Not pulling them in. It is creating space for people to help themselves.

End of part 1. In part 2, I will share what the oracle said about Relationships, Forgiveness. Emotions, Hope and Permission, Talking, Mind Chatter, Maturity.

I will also share why she chose me to receive all this and the dramatic climax of this association of a poet with an oracle.

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