Saturday, 18 May 2013


SQUEEZING THE "SECRET" FROM MY SISTER.  I think she has valuable information--I hope to get.

She's still 50 miles away--but I can't resist a short side trip to show you the remote site where outlaws Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed. The bullet-riddled car is on display at a casino in Primm, Nevada.
The nearest town-- Gibsland, La.  Proud of it's dubious claim to fame--- hosts yearly "Bonnie and Clyde days" festivals.
The Marker appropriately shot up a bit. Here's an FBI synopsis:
So on I go to West Monroe---and there she is--my sister Dr. Bobby Jean----(last name omitted)We've not seen each other in many years---though we chat by phone occasionally. I try to explain my mission to her.
She arranges for me to meet the extended family this very night. 
It's a traditional crawfish feast.  Messy affairs-- so we eat in this garage.  Most of those folks are related to me somehow. 
Crawfish-- boiled---hard to believe people eat them.
Dumped hot from the cooker onto a screen---note the corn and potatoes.  Waste  is dropped into the center and fall into a garbage can. People shell and eat till they're full.
Believe it or not, I've never eaten one-- till now.  Sis shells a few for me till I get the hang of it.  Not bad--like small lobster tails---(still not thrilled)
Meet Jeff---my nephew and host.  And that's Wolf--his son.
Skylar---his daughter has something to show "uncle Poppy".(that's what everyone here calls me---Poppy---I like it)  She's bringing these two live crayfish to her pet. 
A rare and friendly albino raccoon.
Not camera shy

Makes short work of the crawfish.
This is one of Jeff's houses.  Woah !---what does he do for a living?
Jeff's wife,_Denise--mother of Wolf and Skylar--, mistress of this mansion .
Turns out, alligators paid for this mansion. I persuade my nephew to give me the story tomorrow.
Now back to the secret I'm after: How to raise exceptional kids---My sister raised 4 of them: Autonomous personalities all.  Meet Dr. Donna _______my Niece  who drops by and attempts an answer.  What did Bobby Jean and Dr. Al-- do right-- to cultivate 4 such worthy, contributing citizens.  (Trust me, the other two are equally independent and productive) She said: (I paraphrase) There's no great secret----just cultivate values into your children like Momma did with us---with consistency. Could it be that simple? mmmmmmm
Now here's a teaser for tomorrows entry.  This giant is a "nuisance" gator---brought in by a guy who specializes in removing them.  IT ATE THE FAMILY DOG---and  winds up in Jeff's facility---He handles such cases as a public service.
The main business here is to raise hundreds of thousands of gators from eggs to 3 year olds.  Will show you tomorrow----brace yourself.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  So far--so good---I'm liking my family and they seem to like me---- intrigued by this curious nomad----puzzled how I managed to live so free so long without working. 


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