Monday, 14 May 2012


It is a question these 5 people are seeking to answer for themselves.  All are Individualist---(some extreme) engaged in this bold experiment of separate/togetherness.

One thing is already clear---the dogs love it.  Here Luke and Coffee girl have fun.
Poncho, the 17 yr old poodle is beyond such rough housing and prefers to be cuddled by Boonie.

Ah but Rain--the most adorable puppy in the world ---bouncing all over our forest campground gets lots of  attention from everybody. 

One day Boonie takes 3 of us on a hike to the WEB OF DOOM.
And there it is----aptly named---its purpose obvious---to prevent careless and reckless hikers from falling to their death is this very deep mine.

Laurie is first to test her courage.  It is super spongy and one's foot could easily slip through the squares.
And of course Mr testosterone wants to stand directly over the pit.
Back in our forest home--one day---out of the woods walks this intrepid trio:  Jim/Gale/Debbie who tracked us down from clues on our blog.  They are grand adventurers and bloggers themselves---wandering the country in their RV's: We had a great exchange---hope we cross paths with them again.
Laurie was persuaded to entertain us.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I honestly don't know the answer to my title question.  I meet lots of loners that are low on the self actualization scale----angry, ignorant, paranoid,lonely, addicted etc---BUT THEN I meet a fair percentage 30-40% that are settled comfortably into their solitude. (most of these have pets)  They have an interesting life---hobbies---a pattern of place and activity that satisfies--are often well read and fun to engage.
When I meet folks who run with a pack---I'm equally ambivalent--some are lazy and uncurious--hiding out in the crowd---socializing to keep nothingness at bay.  While some packs are exhilerating and nurturing----transformative even.
The quest-for-community caravan----thus far---is satisfying and stimulating.  We have great sessions of walk and talk.  Our association is not burdened by common meals or house sharing or money sharing---so we can focus on idea sharing.  Also, we are all mobile.  More are coming and we shall see what a density of 6 or 8 or more will do.  Perhaps one of my readers can clear up the title mystery for me.

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