Monday, 7 May 2012



They were whizzing by

leaning dangerously on the turns.
The whole town is festive

 the band began to play---really good music.

Then I saw this man dance---all alone in the sunshine---hundreds watched---HE WAS HEEDLESS!!
In wonderous rhythm, he whirled and gyrated, capered, strutted, bounced so beautifully---the crowd was mesmerized--- AWESTRUCK. We were witnessing spirit at play---outside the grip of ego.
My heart expanded--a size or two. 

AND SUDDENLY I COULD NOT RESIST. Taking Laurie's hand, I led her to the center.  She too was touched by the music and the moment.  Rarely is a transformational instant photographed---but there it is--dear readers---captured by a stranger---the very moment this Southern Baptist raised boy--steps away from his fears.

I'm no great shakes---but I can keep time to the music---and Laurie---(singer/songwriter that she is) already has rhythm in her soul.  We join the solitary soulster.  Oh sweet Jesus--it was fun.

People on the sidelines suddenly joined in---wives left their husbands--to join the jubilation.
And look here!! A real life Kodger shuffles into the fun.
Expert dancers glory in the expertise of another and are naturally drawn together---like these two-- enchanting the crowd---and each other.

Each making the other wilder and wilder---I grabbed my camera to show her later.
Then she comes and whirls me again---saving the last dance for me.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Perhaps,  you've had a moment like  this---so  you can celebrate with me.  A moment you've stepped out on "the dance floor" despite your misgivings--and discovered new pleasures.  I now believe everyone on the planet should dance.  Let us lure our children out of their self consciousness and into the joys of gyration. 

CARAVAN UPDATE:  We are still camped happily in the forest near Silver City; are solidifying; have tweaked our protocol; are evolving;have set our intentions west toward Springerville, Az; have met wonderful new friends; dared to walk the web of doom. (will show you next time)

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