Thursday, 19 April 2012



There it is---Bisbee, Az.  We agree to park our rigs here and walk the town together.

A mined-out copper pit---the origional reason for the town.

A great evil occurred here in 1917  that shocked the nation and led to the modification of our laws and I encourage my right wing and Libertarian friends to read about it,  and  ponder the issue of corporate greed and arrogance and ask themselves about the proper role of government and the media.

Lotta steps home---a fairly common situation here.
When the mine closed down---artist and counterculture people moved in. They are still here---with a layer of rich folks attracted to the "juice" such folks generate.

The Peace wall----It's been my experience, that hippies know very little about peace---they talk a good game but squabble endlessly among themselves.

Seemingly, the town's only grocery store.  We went in and found philosophical quotes on the wall.
An aging hippy playing haky sack by himself---dazzling the little girl and us with his skill.
This guy and his friends have "claimed" a vacant lot and built an interesting "bark park" for dogs.
Murals are everywhere.  Jungians could find archtypes in this one.

Here is a homeowner's artistic request that you not pee on his wall.
Boonie leads through winding streets to the very end of town---this canyon's edge.  We learned that homeless folks live in tents out there.
Can you read that?  Says BISBEE BICYCLE BROTHEL.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Yes! Two is far more fun---than one--in my opinion. We found it fascinating that one saw dramatically different things than the other. Boonie would ooh and ahh at the architecture while I was fascinated by the social structure. Much to his chagrin, I engaged a regular looking guy for a story ---he gave it--(wife ran off with another guy--they live nearby--he's trying to cope)---gave us real estate info about prices etc---THEN---THEN--Suddenly got loud and religious.
Boonie showed me a new thing:  HE INSTANTLY WALKED AWAY---it stunned the guy and me--I muttered an exit line and hurried to catch up.  Boonie's explanation for his behavior is a classic---you can read it in the comment section of his blog about our Bisbee Visit.
I was moved to poetry by the incident:


Boonie and I met a religious guy
on the streets of Bisbee town
Who started a sermon 'bout liberals and vermin;
said all of em should be drowned!

But my friend Boonie won't tolerate loonies
(and I won't forget this day)
In a New York minute, he'd reached his limit
and suddenly walked away.
We camped another night together---then--true to his boondocking name---boonie drifted away into the boondocks--- deep into the Chiricahua mountains.  I'm hoping he reappears somewhere in New Mexico to flavor our Quest-for-community caravan.

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