Sunday, 8 April 2012


"BOONIE" ( )  said come----it's beautiful and cool up here---and GLEN MORISSETTE ( is coming too.
And so I went!

Enroute, I saw this---a cactus anomaly--that occurs about once in a hundred thousands times.

Here's a close up

I'm sworn to secrecy about the location, but am allowed to tell you that the nearest town is Patagonia, AZ.  (stopped to admire this unusual white tree)

I topped a hill and BINGO---I'm there.
OOOOOH yes---this is paradise!!  Movie makers think so too----a scene from Oklahoma was filmed here.  Nary a soul within miles. Boonie won't camp anywhere----for long--- that is not beautiful.

I settle in--- a hundred yards distant---- on the edge of a box canyon.

And celebrate my view---and thank whatever Gods may be for this wonderful world.

And then---and then---from a far horizon---on a road most campers would avoid---spearheading a cloud of dust comes the famous Glenn Morissette---of National news fame---champion and spokesman for the simple life---the efficient, cheap and splendid life of freedom.

From atop his rig, he surveys his temporary kingdom----and joins me in declaring it paradise---and thanking Boonie for searching it out and sharing.

This is about all you will ever see of Boonie---he will not allow face shots---seeks no fame.  He won his freedom long ago with hard work and careful savings---and once, in a missionary impulse, he recruited me to begin blogging---assuring me that I had worthy things to say---literally driving me to the verison store to buy the equipment---and tutoring me for a few days to get me started.  For good or ill--credit him for unleashing me upon the cybersphere.
Note the separation of our rigs---about a hundred yards. Boonie's rig in the distance, mine on the right and Glenn's Chinook in the foreground. My friends know that I occasionally yell speeches and poetry to the cosmos.

Glenn, on the other hand, makes lovely music.

We go for an afternoon walk with "coffee girl" ---Boonie's dog.

And another great day closes.  The trinity of bloggers, however, sit on the canyon's edge---chatting into the night.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES; Even mavericks and loners yearn for good company---and this rare convergence pleases me greatly.  It is my intent to Squeeze some gold (insights) from Glenn and to recruit Boonie for my NM adventure. 
Dear readers---need I say it again: THE GOOD LIFE IS OBTAINABLE----and ridiculously cheap.
At least a million of you already have enough money to retire and live like the vagabond kings here assembled. 

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