Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I FOUND THEM IN THE HILLS OUTSIDE QUARTZSITE, ARIZONA.  Perhaps 50 of them---men and women---single and coupled---mostly young---all were mobile---dwelling in vans, cars, trailers and motor homes.  Assembled here for the "RUBBER TRAMP RENDEZVOUS"---A yearly event.   Like mountain men (and women) of yesteryear, they are extremely independent---wandering solitarily most times---but gathering now for comraderie and inspiration.

Down there--just 4 miles from town they gather---separating themselves as you might expect of mountain men---and women---according to their personal need for space.

Some "VANDWELLERS" are here---a nationwide internet connected group numbering 8000. 
I stayed a few days with them---noted that they rise and slumber by no schedule---that they enjoy themselves without shame--camp without charge---inspire one another to higher adaptiveness--assist whenever asked.

Each morning at 10 a different seminar was presented. This one on the latest in communication equipment.  Others included camping strategies, cooking, temporary work, jewelry making, l.e.d. lighting, batteries/solar power etc.
Nightime found them gathering around a fire.

Dogs were always welcome---added to the fun.

I accepted an invitation to do a seminar---did a tin can discussion---anonymous questions collected in a can are addressed by the group.  I think I established that collectively we are vastly wiser than separately.

A collective soup called Hobo stew---not bad.

Meet Bob Wells--host of this event and founder of a terrific website : (my stealth trailer is still featured there) A bronze plaque may someday celebrate his contribution to rational living.

A remarkable lady--Sue Anne with a big-time yen for adventure---whose life style should inspire many---she lives and travels quite comfortably in this Prius hybrid car---months at a time---boldly spanning the entire US---rarely paying for a camping spot. I asked about sleeping arrangements.
She sleeps here---quite comfortably---and likewise has clever bath and cooking solutions.  When she lies down---she "disappears" from casual sight and so is super stealthy---and never needs to worry up a place to camp.  The world is her oyster---Pay heed Michele and every soul yearning to breathe free and adventure cheaply---here is living proof that it can be done.  Want to know more:

Meet Laurie whose rig Is named the Casbah for its cozy, colorful,seductive, luxuriousness. She invited me for tea---sang me a song--gave me candy (see her selection of sweets attached to the ceiling).
On the road a mere 3 weeks--but wonderously comfortable with herself  and this new adventure.
I don't need to tell you I was thoroughly charmed.

She demonstrates a "metaphysical" device called a Buddha board:  Write or draw on it and slowly it will vanish----reminding one of the impermanence of everything.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Oh my heart is light---All these young people embracing Simpliciy, Frugality, Freedom, Mobility----a sufficiency mentality.  PATHFINDERS---WAY-SHOWERS.
Here, sweet people, is the antidote for greed. 

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