Wednesday, 12 October 2011


MY EXPERIENCES ARE OUTRUNNING MY REPORTS.  I'M WAAY BEHIND----So I shall condense a few of my stories from Bluewater State Park, NM---a well kept secret from most New Mexicans.  About 7,500 ft elevation---dependably cool---lovely canyon to hike--lake to enjoy--mountains to climb---and only 60 or so miles from mysterious Chaco Canyon. The Focus of the title story will come at the end

The dam that creates the lake.
Looking west.
Lovely canyon just steps away--great hiking--Campground is up here on the plateau.
Walked it several times---lush and beautiful.

On several occasions this herd of free ranging horses wandered in.

They are amazingly bold.  This one recently lost its mate---and then---

Quickly found another--they loved my carrots.

This little fellow was in the road.

Ever so gently, I got him out of harm's way.
A grade school principal---and the sheriff's daughter-- I engaged--We chatted at length about
One of the first commercial motor homes--a Dodge.  This one is the fitted together halves of two wrecks. The builder showed me its interior. He is a master carpenter--rare these days.

A marvel of great craftsmanship from front to rear.
Meet Francis---the focus of this story--He earns his keep for the park by leading hikes into the canyon.
He lives alone in a tiny rig---lives radically simple---except that he spends 6 hours a day on the computer--reading, commenting, writing his blog: --gave away most of his nest egg to a religious commune in an emotional surge---says he hates organized religion--have a look for yourself
Probably the most difficult interview I've conducted--he was unpleasant,  abusive, and insulting--I endured it to get the story. His opinions are so hardened that he can't listen---only explain his views.  He's lost the joys of give and take.   For all his vitriol, he could not resist my skillfully inviting questions and focused attention---The devil himself wants to be understood.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I ask my intuition to tell me why this man is so unpleasant? It said that he has spiraled to that low place in a feedback loop.  Moments of unrestrained irritation distanced one after another of his friends---- leaving him more and more alone--with his irritations echoing in his brain.  With only ones cranky self for company, one becomes even more cranky. WHEN YOU FOCUS ON THE BAD-----IT EXPANDS---TO FILL YOUR WHOLE AWARENESS. This man has slipped into a deep tar pit and few will join him there for fellowship.  I found it painful slogging around down there.  In succeeding days as he would walk by I caught him glancing my way---his dark hungry soul wishing for the joy of my attention.  I considered--but rejected any further contact---My own soul has all the darkness it can handle.
But to make good on my title question: THE WAY NOT TO GO WHACKO IS TO NOT LOSE YOUR FRIENDS. My friends are my salvation--(and the greater part of any wisdom and inspiration I may have.  You know who you are and That I treasure you)

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