Monday, 3 October 2011


Beyond those mountains--I'm in the mood to go---sit!

Across the lonely road where Georgia Okeeffe lived---and painted this world famous picture.

And this one!
Here's my secret camping spot---Diana and I found it years ago--it rests pleasantly in my mind--till I come and  rest pleasantly in it.

Seen from the nearby mesa, I'm barely a dot on the landscape. (just left of center)

Turns out---I'm not alone---In the night this humble camper puttered by, settling some distance away.

And it turns out---to be a lady professor---whose Phd thesis was---about Thoreau! My beloved Henry David Thoreau---whose writings set me on this path of adventure some 38 years ago.  We have much to talk about. (she later sent me one of her books)
She tells me that deep in a river canyon, long miles away, live 40 or so monks who have retreated to a secluded place to "learn the wisdom of living well in Christ Jesus." Of course I will go--and damn the rain.
That's the Chama river--now raging after this summer rainstorm.
Back, Back into the lovely canyon
Till this sign tells me I have arrived.
And these solar panels tell me that they rely on God (indirectly) for power.
And here is their worship place. at the end of the road. They are Benedictines (40 or so in number) who established here in 1964.  They raise hops and own a brewery. for the full story:
Some paint

strange pictures,
Some carve intricate doors.

I start for home just as more thunderstorms  threaten.  I could easily get trapped out here.
OR WORSE!! The car ahead of me nearly slid in the ditch--I was sliding toward the canyon--I paused to appreciate the seriousness of my situation. Then ever so slowly moved onward.
Couldn't resist walking a segment of the famous Continental Divide Trail.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I met none of them--they are, by choice, cloistered---mumbling their prayers, fumbling their rituals, denying their sensual urges, hoping for divine revelation, believing the fantastic, reinforcing a destructive doctrine, living constricted lives, roadblocks to peace ----THEY ARE DRONES IN THE BEEHIVE OF HUMANITY.  I wish---Oh I wish, I had brought with me a list of Maslow's 22 characteristics of self actualized personalities---I would have nailed it to that fancy door---like martin Luther's 95 theses. But better still if  I could have left  the movie Zorba the Greek or Lonesome Dove so these zombies could see what a juicy human being looks like.  It is sheer cowardice to run from life in this fashion. 
Assembling together for common purpose is not their sin---(that is often how progress is made) Their big lie and sin against themselves and humanity is their PRETENTIONS TO CERTAINTY: Their futile attempts to wall out doubt with self-reinforcing community. (wanna see how this works? Go into a Mormon bookstore---ask for a copy of Tanner's Mormon Claims examined) 

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