Saturday, 14 May 2011


Casino parking lot--(Desert Diamond--Tucson, Az)--Campers roll in and claim their spot--(most prefer the edge)--We will stay the night--or perhaps 10 nights---We wish to camp free of charge---because we are self contained---do not need the services campgrounds sell---That's me up front---and behind me--a pleasant surprise---a lady friend from a northern forest---who, incidentally, found this rig for me and even negotiated its price. I hope to return a favor.

Lots of rigs roll in before dark and instant community is established. We walk the area and even a mile into the nearby desert for exercise.

Surprise guest drop by---the motorcyclist is Harlan--from Alaska--you've met him elsewhere on this blog and Doug, a member of my tribe---the WINs--( www, )

A beautifully restored bus from the 40's. They've been camping all over Mexico.

Some prefer whoppers---like this combo.

Trailer carries their car--a boat--and 2 motorcycles. The thought of maintaining all that--horrifies me.

This is a managable package---nice guy and his dog live full time in it.

A tougher way to go---not very comfortable---but doable. Long term living in a car--sadly--is increasing. With a few adjustments one can manage quite well. (remove 3 seats--platform in a bed---screen the windows for ventilation and use aluminum sun shields to block light and prevent overheating. I met a guy who'd lived many years in a carefully engineered falcon car.

Meet Frank---an alert, cheerful, parking lot camper--who--amazingly has lived 30 years in that van---He proudly showed us its gleaming 427 cu in engine.

Look more closely at him---can you see that he has his dignity--his independence. He has things to do places to go--books to read---He cost the taxpayers little or nothing. This may well be my future---and I will embrace it as a far better end game than nursing home care.

And this cheerful guy--is up and doing---skinned a rattlesnake--see it hanging---is making a leather jacket---has a tiny puppy for a companion--is solar powered--is excited about upcoming improvements to his modest home---WHICH HE BUILT HIMSELF.

This guy finds meaning relating in his head with an imaginary friend. No different , really, than James Stewart in the movie Harvey. He's straightforward, however, and when you relate with such as him--you know what you're getting.

This is a scary guy---notice the "boundaries" he has posted---that chair on the left and the motorcycle on the right define his space--he announced that no one should park near him.

Some loners like him are filled with anger and suspicion---I sense them with my radar and leave them alone.

I call it a night after an evening stroll with my lady friend. We celebrate our good fortune to be living so free and enjoying these western sunsets.

An early morning visitor---a roadrunner--very bold--and clear about its food preferences---no bread!---meat only please. It kills and eats rattlesnakes.

This guy showed up also--a Javalina---3 of them actually---didn't try to feed them.

This was my big surprise---a real live Gila Monster--right under my doorstep--lying still--and unafraid---the first I've ever seen in the wild--I've heard they are endangered and protected by law---are mildly poisionous if they bite you. It strolled away into the bushes. What a thrill!

As if I needed more attention from wild creatures, this little bird flew into my rig and sat on my couch for a picture-----then flew away.

RANDY RUMINATES----I love camping in parking lots----I'm totally comfortable at Wal-Mart , at Casinos as well as in the Boondocks. Solar power frees me to enjoy the serendipitous companionship of human and animal friends.

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