Wednesday, 9 March 2011


THE LURE OF LOW LIVING Meet Tim (tiny tim?) a refugee from the winter chill of Colorado---loves it here on the bank of the All American Canal---will stay all winter. Rent for this spot --or any spot along the canal--or on Indian land is $65 for 6 months--cheap enough.
He proudly shows off the interior of his tiny trailer---said he rid himself of a big motor home because it was waay too much trouble and expense.
He has enough money to live wherever he chooses---but prefers it here because he has the time to do the small things he enjoys----he showed me how he sculpted his landscape---trimming and raking , reading and riding his tiny bike. He built steps to the bottomland below and told me his hobby of "earning" about $70 a week from the nearby Casino by playing with the money they give vets three times weekly. Note the $150,000 rig behind him---they also choose to live in the wastelands. For such as these---it's not about the money.
The bottomlands----many upscale campers live down there---so what's the big draw? If they could be anywhere they choose---why would they opt to live in those bushes? I'll go down and find out.
Tent campers nesting in their own private Shangri-la---been there since early December---Said they like the peace and quiet---protection from the winds and proximity to Algodones for dental work.
Another cozy nook----sheltering a $100,000 rig, satellite dish and a steel shipping container---He's settled in for the season. Didn't get to quiz him (or her). The question that begs to be answered is: WHY HERE----in the bottomlands?
A cluster of rigs---friends and family. Said they come every year---love the peace and quiet. They gave me directions to my friends grave.
She's buried somewhere here---I will find her resting place.
I found it: Diana's little Westhighland Terrier--Molly. For 10 years I shared the pleasure of their company----a small poem flashed into my mind:
Rest easy pretty girl:
Wherever your spirit be:
Know that I loved you
As much as you loved me!
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I've learned something here in this wasteland---but I haven't the will to express it just now. Perhaps tomorrow---when I show you an entirely different wasteland ---with occupants PUSHED into it.

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