Thursday, 3 March 2011


THE YOUNGEST HOBOS. Hurrying along the tracks searching for an open boxcar--pausing only a moment for this picture---no time to get the full story. Yet the story is there---in the details of the picture. Here's what I see: Young love on a grand adventure---equipped for the journey---tent, sleeping bags, food, water and a means for making money---the guitar. (recently interviewed a guitarist who reported earning $50 in two hours of street playing) His ill fitting suit, with vest, is likely from a thriftstore. She wears warm leggings and a skirt. He has telltale tattoos on both hands. The dog carries something also. What have I missed?
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I've been busy--"shaking the bushes" and have much to tell---will do so in small bits. As always I seek to answer ever more precisely the question: What is the good life? Increasingly I believe Thoreau: "life is best viewed from the vantage point of voluntary poverty."

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