Sunday, 12 July 2009


THEY DID NOT VANISH---THEY THRIVE IN EUGENE OREGON--Creating for your amazement the world's grandest counterculture celebration. Step with me into this magical forest that the Hippies own outright and you will come away as I did---thrilled and inspired with new possibilities. In 40 years they have perfected their art: Logistics? Perfect! Park and ride free to the entrance! Fifty thousand of us transported to the Hippy Kingdom of Oz.
One step inside and I'm transfixed. The woods are ablaze with color,

Alive with music and dancing,
Architectured of branch and vine with a soft hand.
We stretch and sway to an ancient rhythm.
Words won't describe the beauty of it all.
Even my friend Lloyd would celebrate the balance here.
Healing Didjeridu music envelopes this gentleman.
Man makes fire the old old fashioned way.
Lady makes music backdropped by fascinating vine sculpture.
Step up to these nirvana tubes, put your ear in the opening and actually hear mother natures subtle sounds. I heard them---I really did--sweet soft tics and sighs.
Mongollion Yurt--soothing space--a functional home weighing about a thousand pounds. How much does your home weigh. It matters, you know!
Where else in this wide world will you hear soothing harp music floating from the bushes?

I have more to say and share but it will have to wait for another day. My cup is full --I go off for a second time to dreamland. Randy

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