Monday, 6 July 2009


IN GOLD COUNTRY! I include this out of sequence blog to illustrate how "way leads on to way" when I'm loose enough to let life push the surprise button. My friend Mary and her consort Jim invited me up out of the valley to gold country. Heavy rain caught me midway and I paused at this photo spot for chocolate and a nap---ended up staying the night.
Mary has influential friends and thought the world ought to hear about my wonderful trailer. One phone call and the TV guy shows up.
Bingo! I'm at focus, answering questions like a 15 minute celebrity. The backdrop is Mary's landed estate and nearby manor house. (deserving of a separate blog) Isn't it odd that she would find my tiny house of interest?
Mary's an expert at this and soon has me elucidating the vagabond lifestyle.
In we go--explaining bath and potty arangements; peering deep -- my 50 storage compartments filmed for posterity. Jim's too busy computering to make an appearance.
For two days they wined me, dined me and gave me computer instructions. I depart feeling a touch special. Good friends have that effect on me. They direct me to the town of Angel's camp, famous for------
Bronze placques embedded in the sidewalk celebrate champions.
Couldn't resist showing you this: the largest crystal gold nugget ever found--worth millions! Displayed in a nearby winery.
Randy Philosophizes: My friends make me rich--in countless ways. The nicest thing about me is that I let them.

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