Sunday, 15 October 2006


We’re hearing from folks all over: Van Dwellers, Freeroaders, and solitary codgers. Thanks to all those making suggestions. I look forward to meeting fellow adventurers. Our agenda is filling up with interesting subjects.

Big picture discussion topics:

Places to go
Things to do
Rigs to live in
Clubs worth joining
Dealing with authority

Equipment and Gadgets:

The new 12-volt fridge
AGM batteries
Satellite TV and radio
Cell phones
Internet access

Here are some quotes that intrigued me from a book on nomads by Morris Berman:

"Nomads are committed to movement and fluidity as the key to life and consciousness."

"Nomads have neither past nor future, only becomings.
They have no history, only geography.
They don’t sow, they forage."

"Without a destination, I am never lost" — Zen master Hakuim

"Movement diminishes anxiety — Travel is inherently therapeutic."

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