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Laurie, of course, is my next door neighbor---here on her way to give a concert in Flagstaff as part of her WHAT WOULD LOVE DO TOUR.  She's in the forest because it allows her to fulfill her passion, purpose and mission.

Left to right ---Bob--a writer/philosopher---Laurie--Gloria, a home school teacher who does her work online from here in the forest and  CB a retired engineer--he's here for the cool and cool company of us.

This lady is in the forest escaping the tyranny of rent and the cacophony of civilization.
Here, CB tries to engage her---without success. She lives alone in the forest in this old and needy rig---twice we rendered assistance but she never warmed up.  Perhaps she is unstable. 

Dan lives in the forest because he loves it---and it supports  his several hobbies---fitness and tennis.  (He rigs a "net" to practice his serve---marks off a "court" for accuracy)  I found him delightful, thoughtful and social.  He waits alone is this obscure spot for his girlfriend of many years to join him. Of course he too is here to escape the heat---enjoy the cool 7000 ft elevation. 

This was the best hidden of all the rigs I happened upon.  As I approached, its owner said "hello Randy".  Turns out we've met hundreds of miles away.  Let's call him "Ron"---the most self contained personality I've ever met---says he prefers living alone ---spends his time reading----only changes locations twice a year--from hot to cool---and from cold to warm in the winter.  He found this happy glade 6 years ago and returns every summer.  Necessary travels to town for supplies and more books is done by motorcycle.  He's in the forest for privacy and quiet solitude.
This guy is in the forest because it's free and cool and lovely.
Meet Chris---a flamboyant---charismatic--tattooed forest dweller who somehow draws people around him.  Four of his friends joined him in a lively camp.  That small tent on the right is occupied by a strange young lady they found wandering around at a truck stop.  CB was worried about her---maneuvered a private chat with her and was assured they are treating her well.

Chris shows off his tattoos---even has them on his face----without the slightest self consciousness about them. 

Laurie and I visit their camp and satisfy ourselves that all is well.  They are in the forest because it's a cool and free place to while away the summer.
One of the all-time great guys--Dave.  Here completing a  transmission job for a friend and refusing pay. (even so the guy bought him a metal detector) Dave replaced my shocks and told me to "pay it forward"----and I will Dave.  Have a look at his well engineered van here:
Meet Cheri (rt) showing off her brand new flute skills---having just gotten a lesson from Laurie.  She lives in her van---teaches jewelry making to several classes each year---enjoys her freedom and mobility.
What's inside this trailer would surprise you.  It is headquarters for an influential, world wide inspirational campaign for sensible, sustainable living. Bob Wells creates and operates from this hidden spot in the forest. Often, several people will live in his vicinity to be near him. He's the originator of and  

Here he is with his beloved dog Homer.

An unhappy couple from Wyoming lives here---he fell ill and was hospitalized--she soldiered on in the forest.  We helped her locate near us for comfort.  They rely on social programs for food.  They are in the forest because they cannot afford rent--even at a trailer park.

That is yours truly's rig---precisely located to get whatever sunlight is available to re charge my batteries. I'm in the forest because I love the cool --the clean--the free and splendid company of my fellow travelers.

Just to the South of me is CB's rig---stuck in the mud and the local guys conferring about the best way out. I do not know why CB is in the forest---he has the resources to live anywhere on earth. I will pause and go ask him.-----He said that he enjoys it here and that it points a way toward his overarching value of a low consumption lifestyle.
He believes that he and the world can have a good quality lifestyle consuming much less.
And as I'm writing this---who should arrive but Mr Simplify himself----a living embodiment of CB's philosophy. His thousands of fans will immediately recognize Glenn Morrissette author of the blog Hopefully he will stay a few days with us. 

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  SO THERE YOU HAVE IT: A FAIR SAMPLING OF FOLKS CURRENTLY IN THE FOREST---some tortured souls running away from something----some courageous souls polishing their spirit in the greenery. Everyone needs a place to BE-----We are lucky in the West to have such abundance of lovely places to be 

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