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Friends come and camp with us ---hike with us and go on their way.  We enjoy the convenient location of Paradise casino---within walking distance of the movies and restaurants and parks.
 A street fair in Old town---great band--enough to stir me to dance---I've learned a move or two from the street dancer in Silver City, NM.
A nearby patch of weeds is home to a real Kodger---an old guy content to sit in his chair and enjoy the day---sleep in that small tent at night.  I wonder if I'll end up that way.  One could do worse: (nursing home) 
 More dental work in Algodones:  You remember my goal is to get all my teeth back in working order. 
 This little old lady lives inside that hole---collects what she considers useful stuff.  Her hideaway is just inside Mexico.  You can see the border fence at upper right. 
 Dr Dominguez my root canal guy--(a Rubio associate ph-928-255-0897) He's just finished giving me one and in one hour will install a post---then two hours after that, I will get impressions made for a new crown---then a functional temporary crown installed---all this in one day.  The completed crown will be installed in one week.
 I walk around town between treatments---noticed this car plastered with post it notes.  Each one said in Spanish: I love you.
 There is the boundary wall and international marker.
 But look here!  A sizable chunk of it just fell away as Mexicans digging at it's base for free gravel---undermined it.  Guards are posted as repairs are being made.
 Meet Joseph, an old friend from Tampa Fla stopping by for a visit.  He told me about the Toltec philosophy of 5 agreements. (presumably with yourself)(presumably for the good life)
1. Impecable speech---especially inside your head--to yourself.
2, Don't take anything personally
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Do your best.
5. Listen with skepticism.
 We had a great time catching up on 25 years of separation.
 Almost every day one or more of these drifts over our rigs.
This one landed right there. 
 Saw this mysterious figure shambling out of the bushes about a quarter mile away.
Was intrigued--backtracked his steps and found his camp. 
Look carefully at this bicycle wheel.  It is a hobo relic from yesteryear---has no tire or tube----thats rubber strips wrapped round and round to function as a tire.  We found it in an old hobo camp two miles away. 
Along with this---I think it's a hobo cooking aparatus.  Note the cutaway section at the bottom ---for firewood. 
Here is a real live bush dweller that you've met before---Glen--The one who built the unique house of sticks.  I met him this day as he was dragging another stick home---not unlike a beaver--forever improving his lodge. 
That's his house of sticks.  Laurie and I walked all round it one day.
Want you to see this engineering marvel---the Yuma Siphon.

Yuma's share of water from the Colorado River is routed here from several miles upstream and apparantly dead ends right here---ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE RIVER. (for a really good reason but that's another story)
Ah---but it doesn't dead end here---see that whirlpool.  It flows down a concrete lined hole----85 feet ---into a large tunnel---THAT GOES UNDER THE COLORADO RIVER and then flows up on the other side.  A U shaped engineering feat that dazzled the nation when it was first built early in the century. 
 Here's the water rising on the Yuma side of the river about a thousand feet away.
 Here's what the tunnel looked like during construction.  It's 17 feet in diameter.
 A pair of roadrunners outside my rig---they come almost daily---and they won't eat bread.  They want meat.  I give them bologna.
Here's a teaser for my next entry:  I was invited by the Unitarians to preach a humanistic sermon---and I did----My most outrageous speech entitled BELIEVE AND BE DAMNED.  Laurie filmed it and I propose to show you about a minute of it.  She says that if I show it I will lose all my readers---We shall see!

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