Thursday, 12 July 2012



Boonie suggested a back road from Quemado, NM to Grants,NM(hwy36/117) so two of us took it.  Wow! I declare it one of the great roads of NM.

En route to Bluewater State Park, NM where we all converge---each getting a lakefront view.

Ginger let's her computer acquaint us with a radical new Philosophy.
On another day our group blends with another group.  

On still another day---a new friend Mary introduces us to drumming as a kind of harmonizing meditation.
And yeah, I got into it.

While collectively adventuring one day we drove across a bumpy field to investigate this tent.  Turns out to be an Indian Revival tent----we wangled an invitation---resolved to return that night for the service.
And we did----arriving early to see the preparations---band warms up---members pray for a successful service.

The crowd throngs in---music is lively---we find ourselves abandoning spectatorism---begin to clap, wave, sing, shout with the crowd---we caught the spirit---had a great time---AND THEN---AND THEN.

One of our number (who else but Laurie) felt moved to testify (the theme of the service).  She walked up on the stage---whispered to a guitarist---who surrendered his guitar to her---then stepped to the microphone and testified.  ( something about God's blessings).  Our jaws were still agape when she began to play and sing.
A great song (from her latest album).  The crowd joined in the chorus. Photography, I suspected was not welcome ---but how many moments are there like this.

Here is a very strange hobby caught on film.  Ginger---for many years---has been photographing roadside shoes----is composing a coffee-table book.  I'm told she will never pass a shoe without stopping to record it.
And if Laurie hadn't amazed us enough---one day she went into a small store---saw a guitar she liked---negotiated to own it by giving a concert on a Sunday morning at the local Diner.  Of course she dazzled us all---then persuaded me to do two of my poems--"The dance of Testosterone" and "The dance of estrogen"
Recognize this? It is a classic RV fron the 50's era---An Ultravan.  This one freshly rescued from mouldy Oregon---is scheduled for complete renovation. Mark and I stop to appreciate it.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  A tribe can sweep its members along--FOR GOOD AND ILL. I think you get the drift of this story---proof that my friends expand my world.  Each of us has a different set of fascinations and when we "knot up" (connect with the intent to enrich) we introduce each other to new experiences and ideas.  AND MORE---we embolden each other.  I count myself very lucky for my set of friends---individuals extraordinaire. 

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