Friday, 30 March 2012


I BUILT IT WITH LOVING CARE---POURED MY CREATIVITY INTO IT---lived in it for 5 years and sold it to someone who said they would use it.  But they didn't---it just sat beside his house.
THE GOOD NEWS is that he didn't tamper with it very much--and he is willing to sell it back to me.  I went to see it today.

Hello old friend---I still think you are beautiful---pristine white---light as the feather you are named for.  Do you chat at night with the rig on your right? Tell him where You've been? That you yearn to do it again?  We shall see! We shall see!
I believe in my soul that this elegant, sleek, swift rolling,winged box is more than enough for anyone to live happily in.  Parked on almost any street in America, one can sleep undetected, unnoticed---no external clue betrays it as a mobile home. 

Inside, it is dusty but largely undisturbed. light,  Bed, fridge, table, sink, stove, toilet, holding tanks and mascerator are intact.  Vinyl floor in good condition.  Can you believe I spent 1,825 nights in here? You are looking at a width of 6 ft, a height of 6 ft and a length of 14 feet. The couch, of course makes instantly into a bed 3 ft wide.  The large vents give great natural light. If you look closely, you can see 3 of the 6 windows--now in cloaked mode as vents. Believe it or not, I carried 60 shirts with me in this rig. (I like lots of shirts)

Can you see the forest mural that covered the rear doors? 

I'm not a great cabinet maker---but I cobbled this together---and it served admirably.

The toilet still works--but the seat needs paint.

RANDY RUMINATES:  I called 3 friends (Bush, Glen, Anne) to help stabilize my thinking: Whether to complicate my life by taking it back---or to let this old friend go.  After much thought, I decided to do this: Let my readers see it in hopes that someone out there---wishing to get comfortably and cheaply, and stealthily on the road---might give this super trailer a new adventurous life.  I think the guy will sell it for $3,000 and I estimate an additional thousand will buy the solar panels,  batteries, etc to wake it up electrically.  Someone with a bit of skill and artistic imagination could take it further than I did.  If you are interested write me personally at

To see it during it's 15 minutes of fame: click here:

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