Thursday, 8 December 2011


IF YOU DOUBT THAT HUMAN TROLLS EXIST-----check out this blog from last year:
I find myself in the same area and would like an update.  Here was a gentleman with a limited income but who wished to stay forever drunk.  And so he found this free place to live so that his income of $600 a month could be devoted to his passion.  Apparently a person can stay inebriated and even eat on $20 a day.
My readers may remember that I was probing about in this old abandoned Motel near the Salton Sea when I met him---bellowing out at me from one of the dark rooms.  My companion managed to soothe him and a good interview followed.  This day, the Motel seems unchanged--strewn with trash.

The gentleman is nowhere to be seen---but it appears he stills dens here.

Two couches have been added to the kitchen area.
And a couch graces his summer sleeping area. (It's about 118 degrees here most summer days) I have a suspicion where he may be---about a half mile away--I will go look for him.
Here is where I surmise he would hang out.   Wait---is that him I see there playing cards?

Yes it is----I Meet Mark again---he doesn't remember me till I mention my lady companion--then he brightens up.  What I really want to see is how staying drunk 365 days a year is affecting him.

To my amazement---he is doing fine---and as if to punctuate that conclusion, this lovely lady comes over to share the photograph.  I chat awhile to detect if he is again drunk----and yes he is.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  If anything, he seems more alive and alert than last year.  Maybe a person can stay drunk for years---with that as the only focus of their lives.  I see that he has at least 3 friends---two of them were drunk also.  They invited me to join their poker game. I speculate on his likely fate----screaming into the night--with the DT's ---and no one to hear---and to be found dead in his "motel room".  That is what happened to "Shorty" my childhood friend---we found him in his abandoned school bus/den in my hometown.

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