Friday, 9 September 2011


STORIES REACH ME OF A LAND---- FAR BEYOND GAPING  CANYONS---Where clever "Hobbits" have retreated to live their lives in underground houses--that they build themselves.  A place without power lines--where water and sewer systems are custom built--one by one---a community without stores---where only industrious, creative "Hobbits" dwell.  I will go and see---and take you with me.
I drive across a long flat plain---
through rolling hill country
Across the awesome canyon.
Out there---- in what was considered wasteland----perhaps 200 creative people live---people who dare to do a different thing---who march to a different drummer.  The tires are a clue--what do you think imagination can do with used tires?
Moving closer---I feel the magic  ----many have fantasized doing this---and here it is --for real--people living underground---their lifestyle powered by the sun.
Imagine--designing and living in your own personal castle!
Here's one under construction.  I inquired about the legalities-- Zoning--building codes etc:   Bottom line:  THEY HAVE IT COVERED.  Very bright, determined people fought and won the battle for legitimacy.  New Mexico has strong---blue state thinking---and are innovative in many ways.
Beer cans---secured with concrete.

And they will gladly tell you all about it.  You too could become a "Hobbit" and live in an "Earthship."
Perhaps buying this fixer-upper
That's me--Admiring a wall of beer cans---hoping a hobbit will emerge.
AH YES---Here's what I wanted to show you.  Note the tires are stacked in staggered rows--each is filled with dirt (for firmness and insulation ) and secured with concrete. Chickenwire and concrete will result in a smoothe  finished wall.  Often they get the tires free.

A particularly well made one! Can you see the dozen others scattered across the landscape? Note that all face south to catch the winter sun.


A Rancho Grande---with scads of solar power---I count 26 panels--each delivering up to 120 watts. Far more than the ordinary household needs.  ( I have 3 of that size on my roof --providing all the power I need---even to run power tools and watch tv etc--And I'm Ok even without sun for 3 days---power is stored in 3 AGM batteries)

Community spirit thrives--I am told---but these special people apparantly appreciate privacy.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  My hat's off to these pioneers in alternative housing.  But I do not believe it is the wave of the future---just some components of it---I believe the spirit shrinks with this much apartness---from urban density---and from community.  I cast my vote for Palo Solari's Arcology--that I visited last year.  A "beehive" community of efficiency and connection.  And of course I cherish my own lifestyle of mobility---and connection with my community of Nomads.

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