Sunday, 13 February 2011


75 MILES BEYOND THOSE MOUNTAINS IS THE MEXICAN BORDER. WHO WOULD OR COULD WALK THAT FAR TO ENTER THE US ILLEGALLY. With a companion, I hiked in this desert today. Those are the Sand Tank mountains on the horizon--about 25 miles southwest of Casa Grande, Az. We've been told that illegals pass through here.
We find one of their footpaths.
And this curious pile of stuff nearby.
A good backpack and coat.
And an assortment of abandoned gear----a great opportunity to see what border crossers carry with them.
In the backpack is a Mexican flag--we will keep it as a souvenir.
And these curious husks we could not identify---but assumed they were some kind of food.
And these items---I'll give you a close look at them.
A black water jug---specifically manufactured in Mexico for border crossers---the white version --we learned--made the illegal too easy to spot.
Electrolyte liquids to replace what the body loses in long desert walks.
Dont know why they left their Jesus and Mary watch. Good luck charm?
An electrolyte bottle with oatmeal bits inside. We wondered if they had a child with them.
A packet of medicine, I presume. Anybody know what PROTEHEPAR is? ----just one more mystery on top of the obvious one: Why did they leave their stuff here? We left the scene more or less intact in case they were coming back---took only the watch (wasn't working) and the flag. For my tech-savvy friends who might wish to visit the site, I record the precise location----N 32 degrees---50.240 minutes---W 112 degrees---07.133 minutes.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: My view on the overall illegal immigration question.
1. Clubs, cultures and nations have the right and responsibility to controll access to their "thing".
2. The US has failed its responsibility for reasons of greed (wanting cheap labor) and sentimentality. (unwilling to do what would really stop the llegal flow --Snipers on the border or some meaningful punishment)
3. Reasonable changes in current policy would include biometric identification system---easy to get work permits---with strictly enforced limits (Like Switzerland) when the worker must return to his native country. Severe penalties for hiring illegals. Severe penalties for abusing illegals. Those already here must get legal--work a specified time and GO HOME (for a specified time before being allowed to return for more work)
4. We alone should control the number and qualifications of who may become a citizen---based on OUR needs--not theirs.

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