Tuesday, 18 January 2011


MOST SLAB DENIZENS ARE SEASONAL VISITORS----only about a hundred live there year round---will show you some of each. Some of my "tribe" enjoying a frisbee tournament --40 of us--here for a week---our rigs are parked in the background.
Each day we walked a portion of the slabs where I arranged interviews with resident personalities. I'm leaning against the slabs bulletin board. Slabbers also have a "radio station"---channel 23 on the CB where Linda---the Slab "Mayor" communicates all the news worth reporting.
Here's Jo Ann---my Co-host---a very creative lady who thought up several of our tribal experiments---which I will detail later in the Drama post.
Meet Container Charley---Surely the Slabs' most creative and enthusiastic resident---here lecturing our group on his latest acquisitions: the whirlagig behind him (used as a prop in a recent Bruce Willis movie)---and the geodesic dome pictured left.
A close up of Charley in his power room. Each of those rectangles is a 700 pound battery and he has 32 of them---charged by an awesome array of photovoltaic panels. He doesn't particularly need the power---just enjoys having it. His grandfather invented those individualized packets of salt and pepper you see everywhere.
Solar Mike and wife----as they emerged from a sound sleep to behold one of our experiments---our SPOOKY WALK SING SING--- More about that in my Drama post. Mike runs a thriving business installing solar panels on RV's. Imagine running a business with no rental overhead.
A New preacher in town---no license or degree required--just put out your cross and people will come. I took a pict of an AA meeting in progress but chose not to show it. They meet behind this trailer.
This guy was just passing through and was allowed to pitch his tent here out of the wind by the friendly oasis people.
This guy lives in a tent under that tree---had a strong desire to build a certain item---needed a goat skin---bought a goat for $60---hired a fellow camper to slaughter and skin it. The killer's price was the meat-----Will show you the completed item in my next post.
The meat is hanging to dry all over this tree--- becoming jerky--Can you see it? The horses are his also.
Nearby is this German nudist living in his truck. (took this pict surreptitiously)
Saturday night entertainers at the "ranch"--- an informal stage --lights and sound equipment powered by batteries---charged during the day by solar panels. The movie "INTO THE WILD" features this strange stage----with "Insane Wayne" singing his signature Slabs song.
A cluster of mavericks roused from their campfire when our SPOOKY WALK SING SING boldly marched into their camp--they were astonished and delighted that ANYONE would come calling on them. More on this is my next post.
Surely the Slabs most eccentric and fearsome character---meet MOTH! I sneaked this photo to show his intimidating dimentions, dreadlocked hair and bizarre dress----yes, he wears a dress and god help you if you ask about it. He bloodied one guy this night---- lives in the large septic tank I pictured in the domicile post. So far I've not had the courage to approach for an interview. FLASH: Thanks to THE BAYFIELD BUNCH we now can have a look inside that mysterious tank that MOTH lives inside along with lots of other picts they made at the Slabs 3 years ago---since that time you will notice from my pict of his tank that he built a steel door with lock to stop future visitors. http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/36DEC20LASTDAYATTHESLABS#

RANDY COMMENTS: Next up, I will focus on my favorite aspect of Slab life ---The Dramas in play.

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