Tuesday, 2 November 2010


VOTE FOR YOURSELF---THE KODGER PLATFORM: MOBILITY AND FRUGALITY---the thumb and fingers with which you may grip the good life!

1. Are you cold? Come to the low country of Arizona.

2. Are you hot? Drive to the cool mountains.

3. Noise bother you? Go park in the quiet desert.

4. People bug you? Park alone on BLM land. (it's free)

5. Traffic upset you? Park and wait till it's gone.

6. Lonely? Come park with me/us--your kind. (there are millions of us)

7. Confused? Talk with smart friends. Read good books.

8. Hungry? Cook and eat well for $2 a day.

9. Thirsty? (water is the only fit drink for a person---Thoreau)

10. Sick? Unstress yourself---you'll heal yourself--or you won't.

11. Empty? (of meaning) Do nothing--nothing--nothing---creativity will burst from nothingness.

12. Afraid? Embrace the mystery of life. (abandon religious bullshit)

13. Dying? Then Die with some courage--die frugally--not burdening the world with expensive care---better yet---take yourself off the planet if your time has come.

Oh fellow citizens---you can register yourself for foot-voting by getting comfortably mobile with a small income stream---dispensing with your unnecessary possessions.
Come feel the joys of elusiveness---Government can hardly get a grip on you---does not know where you are---hardly bothers to tax you.
We happy, elfin-like people who dance lightly across the landscape will welcome you, share our wisdom and elicit the best of you from you.

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