Sunday, 19 September 2010


PORTLAND GOT HOT! Decided to go to the coast--only 65 miles---lovely drive through the forest. Found myself at a lonely picnic area midway---a carload of folks-- lop lopped in with a flat tire--and no tools to change it---- lent them my Jack and lug wrench----began to feel uncomfortable with this bunch of tattooed, spitting, pot smoking guys. So I quietly armed myself, stayed alert and pleasant, keeping a quick-draw distance. They had trouble--took an hour. I reminded myself of the truism---"every good deed will be punished!" have found it in general to be true; but also true that we need to give--for our psychological health---so I help often---and take my punishment---all in all worth it. Someone wrote a book detailing this anomaly--entitled: The Victim/Rescuer/Persecutor syndrome----showing how these three change roles as the drama plays out.
At Tillamook I found my regular campground had doubled its prices---so I parked on this city parking lot for 2 days without a problem. (soooo freeing not to need campground facilities--bless those who invented solar panels.
Visited Tillamook cheese factory--a must-see.
Engaged this nice motorcycle band--they told me their club name but I lost the note. Have you noticed that most supercycles such as these are owned by old folks.
Free sampling---my favorite are cheese curds--unobtainable anywhere but here.
And my favorite ice cream---Pumpkin--likewise unique to here.--(I think)
AAAAhhhhhh----how cute---father said it was comfortable---baby said mmmmfffff!
Went South along the coast ---at tiny Neskowin I persuaded this preacher to give me water---Nice guy. Wasn't even tempted to rattle his cage. When I step back and consider the religious person as a whole, I see a being who wants to be a good person, contribute to humanity, engage creative chalenges---like all of us---what skews his life and dilutes his good will is the delusion that he has ACCESS TO CERTAINTY----moral and metaphysical. (i.e. the Bible) (metaphysics: theories about the meaning of existence) He has surrendered his TOLERANCE FOR AMBIGUITY---he no longer participates in life's greater challenges: FORMULATING MORALITY AND SPECULATING METAPHYSICALLY. He really believes that God has given us a book with both challenges already solved. He really believes he knows what life is about----OBEDIENCE TO GODS WILL. If I could plant a notion in his head, it would be this: "Believe in God if you will---but DON'T BELIEVE IN MESSAGES FROM GOD----Consider that HE left ethics and metaphysics for US to work out. That both are an ongoing process--well short of perfection---and therefore we ought not pretend to have absolutes.---to be humble--tolerant, open to others' speculations. religious Peace would come to the world.
Chinook Winds Casino--Lincoln City, Oregon---right on the ocean--can you see it --fog-shrouded between the buildings---free parking. Oh I got cool here--too cool---wanted some warm sun. This may be the time to share one of my humerous poems:
Says every casino from Yuma to Reno:
"Free parking to all who ramble;
pull out your slide;come on inside;
lay down some dollars and gamble!"
For the freebie you'r getting , the casino is betting
you cannot resist their bait;
you're a weak-willed critter, sucked in by the glitter,
whose pocketbook they will deflate.
But if you choose---its a bet they will lose;
certainly for this wandering chap;
As slick as you please, I eat all their "cheese"
and scamper away from the trap.
Antique car show--see lots of them out west--it and the trailer were cherry.
Further south, I whiled away the afternoon here---lovely view all round.
No doubt the world's best view from a gift shop.
Oregon boast the world's most scenic coast. They may be right.
Consider this stretch
And lovely beaches such as---
World's largest insect---the stick bug.
Here's a hopeful sign that oregonians are serious about recycling. These are everywhere in Oregon. Seem well used! Setting the incentive price is the tricky part---currently 5 cents per unit.
RANDY EMOTES: Call me crazy, but I don't like the coast much--too often gloomy for my taste----and too cold. I'm drawn to sunshine and warmer weather. 5 days was enough---I'm going to my favorite city---Eugene!

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