Sunday, 13 June 2010


LET'S SAY YOU WIN YOUR FREEDOM---(and I remind you that an income stream of $400 to $1500 is more than enough for my style of adventuring)---And you've made yourself comfortable in some kind of rig.----WHAT NOW? How will you fill your days? ----Well---here's how I fill mine. The following represents about 48 hours of travel. 37 miles east of Dodge I encounter this vast array of whirligigs---never seen them before but I recognize the style--I call Kodger art---have seen hundreds of examples of it---most communities in fact have an eccentric guy who expresses himself in some quirky artistic fashion like this. These whirl in the wind-each in its own unique rhythm--creating a line of frenzy across a peaceful prairie.
They stretch perhaps a quarter mile west of mullinville, Kansas. Considered finding the Kodger artist--but didn't.
Stopped in town for a sandwich, a walk and a nap. Later engaged the recycle guy who was deeply absorbed in working sudoku puzzles. This trailer cheers me up because it symbolizes the heightened environmental consciousness I encounter almost everywhere I go. Can you read the top sign? It says: WE HAVE NOT INHERITED THE LAND FROM OUR PARENTS--IT IS ON LOAN FROM OUR CHILDREN! (well said)
You may remember these windmills from an earlier post---I resolved to go get their story.
And I did---from this guy who is largely responsible for their being there. He is a top employee of British Petroleum. (what irony) His job is to purchase the right to place giant turbines on farmers land. Fully installed they cost about a million dollars--service about 400 homes. The farmer gets a royalty-- He wouldn't say how much, but I think it's about $500 a month for each turbine. (that's what my nephew gets for a cell tower on his land) He gave me a half hour of his time and lots of material.
Passed through a small town having a street party--so I joined in--had a decent high school band and gave away free pizza.
And they had a terrific oil museum. I remember all these companies--do you?
Called it a day at the Wal-Mart in Pratt, Kansas. This splendid rig pulled in beside me.
It carried this pretty lady--who was full of wonderful surprises---we walked together in the night and again next morning. The biggest surprise came after I was describing my ex. She reached into her wallet and pulled out one of Diana's art cards--saying--"you mean the lady who did this"? Small world.
The real thing! I did not know that there are half-breeds out there that look approximately like this but are half cattle. Kansas claims to have the finest grazing land in the world---and I believe it. Here are the flint hills at their finest.
Stopped for the night in another small town---walked all around "looking for my liking". Knew there was a story here. This guy's much more than a barber. He is the town collector---will buy anything of value and pile it up in his shop--ready to be sold for a profit. Let me show you.
looking left from the barber chair--He said he had a hundred guitars-
And lots of saddles---there was barely room to walk ---merchandise piled high everywhere. Couldn't help thnking he should watch the tv program HELP--IM A HOARDER.
This blew me away and I scrambled to get a picture for you---This kid---riding a bicycle--IS TEXTING on his cellphone. I swear we have lost this generation to the cyber devil.
I shuffled around a bit before carefully selecting this spot to sleep in. (It is in a SEAM--an area of visibly indistinct jurisdiction--not obviously trespassing on anyone; therefore harmless and for practical purposes invisible--I camped right downtown--free and undisturbed.)
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Creative drifting is mindfulness in practice--letting the immediate situation impact you and if it invites you to dance--then dancing. I lie down after a day such as these with a sense of having done my job as a human being. I don't know the grand purpose--don't worry about it-- just enjoy.
There's a story here I mean to get after-the-fact-----telephone or however---have a few leads furnished by Darlene. Of course I stopped--walked all around--has a locked door--is made of 4 inches of reinforced concrete---has what appears to be a bed and furniture inside. It's located south of Cottonwood falls, Kansas, alone on the prairie, beside a country road. Who built this and why. Anybody out there know?

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