Thursday, 27 May 2010



I go to Silver city to reconnect with a mentor---the guy who got me doing this--(blogging) He suspected I would like this creative outlet and made me his project for a few days. I was reluctant--but he drove me down to the verizon store and tapped his foot while I dithered. Finally, I said yes to the air card that gives internet access almost anywhere. (cost $60 a month but oh is it worth it) $2 a day connects me with the whole world's wit and wisdom. Then he patiently trained me to blog. Brenda (more about her later) trained me to upload pictures and voila--I'm a blogger--"shouting my raucus yahoo across the rooftops of the world". (Whitman)
Sometimes a tiny push can be a very big favor.
AND HERE HE IS---doing something he does well--taking pictures---BUT will not allow his own image or name to go public---- a superb blogger--- you will enjoy checking out: (a keen, observent mind)

One day he took me to a Falconry meet up. Here's the largest of them all--a golden eagle--imagine having it hunt rabbits for you. (couldn't resist the flag as a backdrop)

Then I went on to Sandia Casino in Albuquerque to intersect for a few days with another old friend. This casino is super generous with its free parking, cheap food, and other goodies.

Here's the old friend--who this day chose to wash her amazing dog in a commercial dog wash. She thinks its great fun--the dog does not--Is that a resigned, long suffering look on its face.

Now---things are all better. The lady is a very different breed of cat. To read my take on her click here: To read her take on herself click here:
I wrote two poems about her. Here's the short one:
Bless those who come but will not stay:
They help us give our hearts away,
Then wake up--still free--next day.
Joy outweighs the pain, I say! A one-man rolling menangerie we encountered outside Trader Joe's.

Back on the road to Santa Rosa--where a fierce windstorm persuaded me to hunker here for two days. I amused myself walking this old route 66 town collecting stories and doing research in the library.

Found this interesting---blue pool--a deep natural spring 90 ft deep in the middle and one reason the town was established here.

If I were superstitious. I might think this meant something.--- I pulled over to make a sandwich -- opened my door to see my name. (approximately)

Walked all around the ghost town of Newkirk. Here's a puzzler--this tiny business--in the middle of nowhere was selling figural bottles--what in the world are they?--were they?

I walked the main streets of Tucumcari---found this spot on a quiet side street to camp for the night. I choose my overnight spot carefully--this one beside a defunct business--not in front of anyone's house.

Randy teases: What seemingly was a routine stop before moving on--turned out to offer two big delightful surprises. Which I'll cover in the next blog.

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