Monday, 29 March 2010


LETTING "WAY LEAD ON TO WAY"! I made real that quote from Frosts' poem when my curiosity and the incredible number of these billboards (I counted 50--the google article says 277 of them) practically compelled me to have a look. Admission is only a dollar and I was all alone with the "thing" how can this make any economic sense. Billboards are expensive.
Anyway, here's the main building--the thing museum is in a spooky separate shed.
Down a long spooky alley. Note the yellow footprints leading me to the dreaded encounter.
But first, they get you in the right frame of mind with this torture exhibit.
And these wierd --whatevers--and lots of other stuff of moderate interest.
I'll show you a small part of the "thing" but first I want to make my point about way leading on to way----Was quizzing the caretaker about this quirky collection which surely required a lifetime to assemble. Guy named Prince---a wandering, apparantly wealthy, showman did it. I learned that three miles away is an old town named DRAGOON. My interest was piqued and I drove a muddy road to go there.
---- Dragoon mountains in the background--for whom the town is named. I soon learned that a dragoon was a mounted spanish soldier. Settled temporarily by the railroad tracks.
Later drove to the outskirts to get this shot.---Was a miserable day--weather-wise.
Two or three trains rolled by--convincing me not to try and sleep here. Noted that they rumble by about 45 minutes apart.
So, after dark, I drove back toward "thingville" settling in a field for the night. Next day I was witness to that mysterious, flowing, river of ground fog back there. I returned to Dragoon to flesh out its story.
A womens club--nearly a hundred years old-- a sure sign of civilization and civil society.
An odd place for a business--surprisingly it was open---for business.
Met these nice people: Donnette and Woody Adams who gave me the story of the town---Ranching, Mining, railroad-center of yesteryear---now a peaceful alternative to city pressures. Woody's hobby is--------woodworking. (I read somewhere that our names actually do have some influence in our choices, interest, and character) Saw some of his stuff--he's a master craftsman. Donnette has a range of interest including operating the shop. This tiny town is strikingly different from Picacho--people running away----People are running TO Dragoon and it is not surprising to find an active community spirit here. Now for the "way leads on to way" part. They told me about the first class Amerindian Heritage Museum and research center just up the road. What a delight--I whiled away the remainder of the day there.
Ok---Ok I've delayed long enough--I will now show you a small part of the gruesome but smiling "THING"--won't show the whole thing--not fair to the business. Something of a shocker--go see the whole thing for yourself---only a dollar.
Lest I bore you by driving the point home---With a full set of mobile comforts---and with time being the stream you go fishing in---and curiosity as your guide----Way indeed will lead on to way in ever delightful ways. My friend Pia likens this strategy to "pushing a magical SURPRISE button and letting the universe roll the dice for you. In this case--The thing--led to the town--to the super Indian museum. Onward to ---whatever!

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