Sunday, 9 August 2009



Down from the slopes of Mt Hood where he camps, thinks, meditates, writes, consults, comes an ever so regular guy---but also an ALIEN being--- One of us-----and yet???

Meet Wayne wier, Author of FADING TOWARD ENLIGHTENMENT and A SIMPLE EXPLANATION FOR EVERYTHING. He would not call himself a guru---labels do not interest him---but I'm free to do so---and if you engaged him for two hours, I think you would agree. Says he reads my blog and is curious to see the Stealth Trailer. I'm curious to hear his physics AND HIS METAPHYSICS.

He brings beer!----conversation facilitator. After the tour of the trailer we settle into a three way conversation about life, its meaning and how best to live it---terrific! Rare indeed to engage someone who walks the walk of his highest intuitions---has done the work of seeing into himself---and has the verbal skills to communicate what he sees. Like Thoreau and Buddha he abandoned conventionality ---adopted simplicity, mobility, nature and spiritual inquiry. For more info: This will give you his version of our meeting.

Wayne tests my trailer for height---he's 6 foot. That's paul mellowing out. We met in a lovely industrial park adjacent to a nature preserve. Note the murals I've pasted on my doors--I really enjoy them.
The conversation deepened to quantum physics. Here Wayne demonstrates his solution to a current scientific mystery: two paired electrons with opposite "spins" , when separated, affect each other INSTANTANEOUSLY (faster than light) when either spin is reversed. Recent experiments separated a pair about a meters distance and verified the phenomenon. Seems impossible, yet it is true and Wayne presents his solution in his latest book, blending deep physics and spirituality. I've read portions of Fading to Enlightenment, his personal odyssey and was reminded of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.
The Jeep driving, Macho Guru bids us farewell. It pleases me that in telling my tale via this blog others may be influenced in some small way. He wrote in my copy: To Randy: A man who inspired me to take up the Nomad Life. I engage people all the time hoping to be influenced---to be tweaked toward excellence---to diminish my faults.

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