Thursday, 21 August 2008


Today I completed a new poem celebrating my famous friend Dave Ulmer who invented the game of Geocaching. His photo is in a previous post: Meet my famous neighbor.

Until May 3rd, 2000 you wouldn,t
dare to risk your hide
in matters of tricky navigation
‘cause GPS’s lied.

They lied by as much as 300 feet
to confuse any adversary.
The only ones who knew the truth
was God and the military.

Dave Ulmer crashed his snowmobile,
nearly broke a tooth
because he trusted his GPS
to tell locational truth.

In May 2000 the powers that be,
for reasons of their own,
felt that it was safe enough
to let the truth be known

Now we citizens can zero in
with a tolerance of just 3 feet
where longitude and latitude
cross their lines to meet.

None celebrated more than Dave
‘cause out of his fertile brain
came a whopping new idea:
He thought up a brand-new game.

A game as big as all outdoors
for the computer geek
and for adventurers and hunters;
It’s adult hide and seek.

He buried the very first cache,
then put its address on the net,
setting in motion a world-wide game
that’s not stopped growing yet.

Millions now honor a brain so dashing,
and well deserved is his fame;
Dave Ulmer invented Geocaching
and history will remember his name

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